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  • 100% Kevlar Heat Resistant Roller Sleeve
    100% Kevlar Heat Resistant Roller Sleeve
    Choosing the right type of roller sleeve(s) for your manufacturing line can sometimes seem a little overwhelming, but this shouldn’t have to stop you from finding the right solutions overall. In line with this thought, today, we’re looking at one of the most popular choices of roller sleeve material
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  • High-Temperature Roller Sleeves for Aluminum Profiles
    High-Temperature Roller Sleeves for Aluminum Profiles
    In order to create high-quality aluminum profiles, making sure you have started with the right parts is essential - and roller sleeves play a pivotal role here. Indeed, roller sleeves are incredibly important to keep your aluminum profile manufacturing line operating efficiently, and as a result, we
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  • High-Temperature Felt for Aluminum Extrusion
    High-Temperature Felt for Aluminum Extrusion
    When it comes to aluminium extrusion, choosing the optimal material is highly important; as part of this, there is a wide range of high temperature felt options available that could be used on extrusion machinery. Indeed, often, high temperature felts are the ideal solutions to line the extruding ro
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  • Heat Resistant Nomex Felt for Aluminum Extrusion
    Heat Resistant Nomex Felt for Aluminum Extrusion
    Have you ever wondered about what heat resistant Nomex is and how it can be used in aluminium extrusion? In many cases, there is a large number of choices when it comes to aluminium extrusion; in line with this thought, it’s well worth considering what makes heat resistant Nomex such a popular optio
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  • Nomex Roller Sleeve
    Nomex Roller Sleeve
    As a business owner, keeping the different options and opportunities available to your brand in mind is an essential aspect of brand management, and investing in new equipment is often one of the simplest yet most influential options to consider. As part of this, considering the different materials
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  • Nomex Spacer Sleeve
    Nomex Spacer Sleeve
    Have you been looking for the ideal new spacer sleeve? Finding the right type of spacer sleeve for your project or manufacturing lines can sometimes seem a little tough, but this shouldn’t have to be the case - and our own premium Nomex spacer sleeves here at Calm might just offer the perfect soluti
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  • Polyester Spacer Sleeve
    Polyester Spacer Sleeve
    Spacer sleeves often play an incredibly important role in your business’s systems - but if you find yourself in need of new ones, knowing where to start isn’t always easy. Luckily, there are plenty of materials on the market that could help in this regard, and polyester spacer sleeves are just one s
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  • Kevlar Timing Belt
    Kevlar Timing Belt
    Have you been looking to invest in a new timing belt for your manufacturing business? Finding the right timing belts is a big decision, and there’s a lot you’ll potentially need to keep in mind as part of this. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t have to be impossible to work out - and luckily, our own ran
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  • Kevlar Gloves
    Kevlar Gloves
    When it comes to manufacturing, ensuring you’ve got the most effective materials and equipment in place is vitally important - and when it comes to your staff’s health and welfare, this is even more integral! Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent options that can help in this regard, and Kevlar
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  • Polyester Roller Sleeve
    Polyester Roller Sleeve
    Value-for-money is one of the most important metrics in many business operations, and this is something that’s becoming increasingly important in the modern trading environment. Fortunately, materials such as polyester could offer the ideal solution in this regard, delivering almost uncompromising v
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