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High Temperature Kevlar Felt Timing Belts for Aluminum Extrusion

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Finding the optimal materials for your manufacturing needs isn’t always simple, and there’s a lot you may need to consider as part of this to help. Fortunately, as professionals in the aluminum extrusion industry, we here at Calm understand the unique properties of Kevlar better than most - and, as such, today, we’re looking at some of the key properties of Kevlar felt timing belts to help you decide whether these might be the right components for your manufacturing efforts.

Remember: aluminum extrusion is an incredibly delicate high temperature process, which requires the highest grade of materials to ensure superior results.

What is a Timing Belt in Metal Extrusion?

Before we go any further, we first need to consider what a timing belt in metal extrusion processes actually is. Simply put, a timing belt is a specialist component that helps drive the extrusion process. They are used to transfer power from the motor to the extrusion press.

Generally speaking, it is important that timing belts are made of a flexible, durable material, finished with one smooth surface and an inner ridged surface which helps maintain grip. This is pivotal in order to ensure that they are able to maintain a constant speed; this also helps prevent slippage, which is critical for achieving accurate and consistent extrusion results for your aluminum materials.

Kevlar Felt Belt

Why Pick Kevlar Timing Belts?

There are numerous different products you could consider for timing belts, such as rubber; however, there are also more specialist materials, such as Kevlar, that can potentially lend themselves excellently to your own manufacturing needs. In line with this thought, it’s potentially well worth considering how Kevlar timing belts might lend themselves to your manufacturing line.

There are numerous great ways that Kevlar can lend itself to timing belt manufacturing uses; of course, its temperature resistance is one of the most notable, as 100% Kevlar timing belts can potentially withstand up to 480 degrees Celsius.

Furthermore, Kevlar timing belts also boast incredibly high durability and strength, which makes them an ideal choice for timing belts due to the high speeds and intense stresses such belts experience. This is particularly true if you choose a product that has been designed exclusively with abrasion resistance in mind; for example, our very own premium Kevlar timing belts are designed to operate for as long as possible, giving you a better return on investment with fewer replacements and maintenance bills.

Final Thoughts

When deciding which timing belt to go for, Kevlar options are generally the industry standard, offering superior strength, longevity, and durability when compared to regular rubber belts. They do not stretch or warp over time and offer superior performance over cheaper alternatives, making them a valuable option to consider for your production line.

As such, if you are looking for a material that can withstand the stress and rigors of a modern manufacturing line, be sure to contact our friendly experts here at Calm. We specialize in providing premium solutions, so why look anywhere else for quality results? To find out more, drop us an email at toby@gdcalm.com. We’re here to help.

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