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About Us 

Foshan Calm Industrial Felt Co., Ltd. was found in 2002, mainly engaged in producing high-temp felts for the aluminum industry. The primary products include needle punched conveyor felt rollers, heat resistant conveyor belts, felt pads, Nomex felt strips, and spacer felt sleeves.
We possess advanced new technology to make our industrial felt products are more durable and cost-effective. Avoid tearing, delamination, scaling, deviation, elongation, deformation, aluminum pollution and other defects.




According to the actual aluminum production conditions in China, we have introduced foreign advanced technology and production equipment. Our Calm-brand high-quality products include seamless conveyor belts, high & low temperature felt rollers, flat-style felt strips, aging felt sleeves, aluminum scuff-resistant strips, etc. They are featured by high density, good abrasion resistance, excellent elasticity, moderate softness, and smooth surface. In addition, the products are produced through high-speed needle punching, which effectively avoids depilation and improves the cleanliness of the pickling tank.


We have established a long-term stable, friendly, cooperative and win-win relationship with our customers. 

We always adhere to the business philosophy of "Focusing on Customers. Forging Ahead with Determination" and the principle of "Customer First". Calm High-temperature Industrial Felt Co., Ltd. has been committed to providing high-quality products and services, and has won high recognition and trust from its customers. Its sales network spreads throughout China, and also covers Southeast Asia. European Union and other countries and regions.
As an excellent industrial felt supplier, Calm has never been satisfied with the present status and strives to improve the technical level. We keep pace with the integration of the world economy and introduce the latest research technologies and talents. At the same time, we insist on innovation and have achieved fruitful results. 
Clam equips strong production equipment, world-class precision manufacturing technology, demanding production process standards, and quality control system. So the technical indicators of our products are always maintained at the top level. Also, we fully practice the sustainable development philosophy of "low-carbon economy, energy-saving and environmental protection", reflecting the modern corporate style with a sense of social responsibility.


01 Calm is committed to making all of our customers highly satisfied with our felt products.

02 Calm dares to seek new ideas and continuously update to exceed customer expectations.

03 Calm pursues specialization to become the benchmark in the field of industrial felt.


Advanced production equipment
CALM possesses multiple advanced automatic CNC production lines and various testing equipment. This ensures product quality and cost control, making our products more competitive in the market.
Exquisite production technology
Calm is dedicated to producing producing heat resistance conveyor felt belt to meet customer demand for a high requirement surface.  
Excellent products
Calm-brand high-quality products have high density, good abrasion resistance, excellent elasticity, moderate softness and smooth surface. They can effectively avoid deplilation and improve the cleanliness of the pickling tank.
Sincere service attitude
Our workshop is well organized. We always make continuous improvement, keep conscientious and meticulous about our work.


Heat resistance test report of 
PBO conveyor belt & felt roller
Heat resistance test report of 
Kevlar conveyor belt & felt roller
Heat resistance test report of 
NOMEX conveyor belt & felt roller
Heat resistance test report of 
Polyester conveyor felt belt & felt roller
Trademark registration certificate
 ISO9001:2008 Certificate of Registration
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