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There’s something quite amazing about high-quality felts and their overall versatility – and here at Calm, this is something that we understand better than most! With this thought in mind, we’ve always striven to deliver some of the most effective solutions for businesses in the aluminum processing industry. Our unwavering focus is on durable, strong, and up-to-the-task felts that do the job when you need them to!

Decades of Experience in Top-Quality Felt Solutions



We understand that every business’s requirements are different. Luckily, with decades of experience in the felt industry for manufacturing applications, our friendly experts can help with any requirements you might have.

For two decades now, we’ve been proudly delivering top-quality felt solutions, from heat-resistant conveyor belts to Nomex felt strips, spacer felt sleeves, felt pads, and so much more. During every production cycle, our unique focus on durability helps ensure that every product is up to the task for your needs.

However, by keeping a strong focus on affordability, our experts are able to guarantee that you enjoy top-class products at genuinely unbeatable prices. We operate a complete supply chain, thereby cutting out the middle man, streamlining production, and guaranteeing exceptional results for your manufacturing.


  A Product Range Designed for You

Our unique product range here at Calm is designed with you in mind; our entire business runs with a “customer first” policy, allowing us to tailor our solutions to your unique requirements. This has allowed us to win the trust and confidence of our customers, without a doubt; moreover, our product range is now available around the world, so you can always benefit from our excellent felt materials no matter where you’re based.

Our product range is designed to meet all of your standard manufacturing felt needs. We offer a wide selection of felt belts, pads, and rollers, galvanized iron rollers, spacer sleeves, timing belts, Nomex felt strips, and Kevlar gloves. These materials help give your production lines the quality solutions they need!

  Our Motives and Values

For our team, our values are integral to how we run our company. Our overarching value is to deliver amazing quality services to our customers; that’s why we are committed to ensuring your full satisfaction, no matter what. Our customer-first approach ensures you get the care and support you need, which is a motive and value from which we’ll never stray.




 Mission and Objectives

Our mission at Calm is simple: to provide you with the high-quality, authentic, professional materials you need to optimize and streamline your production lines. As part of this mission, we keep numerous objectives in mind: we aim to deliver every product on time, finished to the highest quality, and perfectly suited to your unique requirements. It’s what makes us different, after all – and this is how we can guarantee you’ll enjoy an amazing solution when you partner with us.




Why Choose Us?

Here at Calm, we’re thrilled to provide stable and durable long-term solutions that are ideally suited to many different production applications. Our customers’ satisfaction with the quality of our products is integral to our brand’s long-term success!
When it comes to quality, we’re proud to deliver the very best solutions for our customers without compromise. Our determination and dedication, coupled with our philosophy of “focusing on customers; forging ahead with determination,” ensure that our team delivers solutions that work for your needs.

But why should you choose our brand? Well, there are numerous key benefits to partnering with our experts, just a few of which include the following points. Hopefully, considering these may help you find the optimal solutions for your manufacturing needs, too.
  • Excellent Efficiency
    One of the main reasons so many people partner with our experts here at Calm is for our efficiency. Indeed, when you partner with us, you can count on amazing solutions that give your business reliable delivery times and results.

    After all, why wait for ages when you could choose our team and enjoy unbeatable efficiency instead? We’re proud to deliver some of the most effective services for all our clients, and we’ll be here to help when you need us.
  • High Standards of Work
    When you choose our experts at Calm, you don’t have to worry about fast turnaround times impacting our work quality! We only ever deliver the best work; we manage our systems to the highest standards at every turn, from the storage of raw materials to mechanical handling. It’s what we do, and how we can ensure quality, reliable results for you!
  • Quality Customer Service
    If you ever need help regarding your order with us (or just want to have a chat about the benefits of our products), our friendly customer service team can’t wait to help! We’re proud to be a leading provider of professional customer support solutions, so feel free to get in touch with us if you need any help!
  • Advanced Production Equipment
    At Calm, we only use the best, most advanced production equipment on the market. Our state of the art production lines are unlike any other systems, which is why our products are leading the way for manufacturing brands like your own. Our automatic CNC production lines are effective, efficient, reliable, and cost-effective; naturally, you’ll reap the benefits before long, too!
  • Strict Quality Control Protocols
    We’re immensely proud of our quality services. However, we never leave things to chance, which is why we’ve implemented numerous strict quality control protocols to keep your business ticking over normally. We’ve done all the testing for you, so you won’t have to worry quality with our solutions.




Heat resistance test report of PBO conveyor belt & felt roller
Heat resistance test report of 
PBO conveyor belt & felt roller
Heat resistance test report of Kevlar conveyor belt & felt roller
Heat resistance test report of 
Kevlar conveyor belt & felt roller
 Heat resistance test report of  NOMEX conveyor belt & felt roller
Heat resistance test report of 
NOMEX conveyor belt & felt roller
Heat resistance test report of Polyester conveyor felt belt & felt roller
Heat resistance test report of 
Polyester conveyor felt belt & felt roller
Trademark registration certificate
Trademark registration certificate
 ISO9001:2008 Certificate of Registration
 ISO9001:2008 Certificate of Registration
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