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When to Use Conveyor Felt Roller?

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The specification of both belt and roller powered conveyors are based on different purposes in a particular conveyor system. Those purposes regularly boil down to the functionality and characteristics of loads.

The belt and roller powered conveyors can be used in sorting, transportation, and accumulation applications. However, your load, application, needs, and system will ultimately determine the type of conveyor needed. So, to get a high-quality felt belt, always contact a reputable felt roller manufacturer.

When To Use Conveyor Felt Roller

When to Use Roller Conveyors?

1. When you need ease of human interaction

Felt roller is easy to deal with, especially, when it requires pushing, removing, pulling, rotating, and interacting with loads. Also, they tend to be easier, to a great extent, for someone to slide a tote across the rollers than a belt because of their low coefficient of friction. Therefore, packing and picking applications are usually based on the specification of roller conveyors. When there are side-by-side lines connection loads, rollers are the perfect conveyor; either it is done by mechanical pushers or by people.

2. When rollers move at inconsistent speeds

The distinctiveness of load may affect the rate of momentum at which an item moves on a roller conveyor. In a simple term; on rollers, larger/heavier loads may tend to move slower than the light ones. As important the application may be, it may not be too important in some other applications depending on what you using it for. But remember that, it is usually preferable if you need a constant flow.

3. For accessories and add-ons

Conveyor felt rollers are quite good in accommodating some accessories like package stops, pop-up rollers, blades, pins, and other options. These accessories help in controlling and stopping the loads.

Some possible activities include:

a. Under-roller scanners

b. Lift bars, that fit between rollers and raise/lower the load needed

c. Divert, pop-up and wheel rollers

d. Felt rollers control the load less than a belt but, on the other hand, they offer more types, accessories, and configurations.

Some of the things that can pass through the rollers can be a carton or tote, and when such items are conveyed on rollers, it passes across the rollers and bump the guardrails. 

During the process, many products have fewer impacts and do not result in any difficulty. Whereas, in some more fragile loads, it requires that finer control is provided by belt conveyors.

4. For Heavy, difficult loads

The majority of pipe and pallet conveyors are usually roller systems because of their high capacities.

The high-duty loads are very suitable for roller systems. Sometimes, they can also be better conveyed by a belt based on specifications.


The specification of both belt and roller powered conveyors are based on different purposes in a particular conveyor system. In several cases, rollers are used in various points for efficient flow and proper control within a conveyor system. Depending on your product and application, which will determine your choice of a felt roller, always contact a reputable felt roller manufacturer for the best deal.

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