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Conveyor endelss felt belt

When the aluminum profile comes out of the extrusion press, the temperature is approximately 550 °C (1022°F). Graphite was thought to be the only product available to withstand the high temperature of the extrusion profile. A new high–tech fiber, PBO, is now incorporated into our high temp felt roller. The conveyor felt roller combines PBO and KEVLAR® layers that are the ideal product to use for the initial extrusion area and run-out table. The high density PBO layer enables the roller to work continuously at temperatures of 550 °C (1022 °F), and at the same time to  withstand the abrasion from different shapes of the profile.

Conveyor Felt Belt

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We always can finish the order about 3-7 days after receiving the payment.And we can send goods by courier/ocean/air/train as your demand.

Materials Used

These four different synthetic fibers with different functions are the mainly material used for the heat resistance conveyor felt tube/conveyor felt belt/spacer sleeves/felt pads/felt strip/timing belt,can resist temperature from 180-600˚C for aluminum extrusion.


Calm-brand conveyor felt tubes are specially developed for the customers who have a high requirement for surface.Impossible to appear  the material dust,unevenness,scalling,aluminum pollution and other defects.With smooth surface,the product adopts advanced new technology and is more durable and cost-effective.It is especially suitable for the production of high-quality aluminum products with electrophoretic  or polished surface.

Conveyor Felt Belt
Conveyor Felt Belt
Thickness8 10 12mm
Working temperature600℃480℃280℃180℃
Mostly suitable forUse prior to interruption,it efectively reduces the traces caused by graphite.(Ultra-high temp.Zone)Use for runout table and cooling table(High temp Zone)After stretching conveyor only(Middle Temp Zone)Allication for storage table,saw table,loading &unloading line for anodizing and painting(Room Temp Zone)
Packing wayPack with film and put in cartons
Shipping wayExpress/Air/Ocean/Railway
Lead timeAbout one week.
TechniquesNeedle punched
AdditionalTreated with Silica,hard type treatment
Conveyor Felt Belt
Conveyor Felt Belt
Conveyor Felt Belt


High intensity,high density,high quality
Optimal thermal insulation properties
Wide selection for materials and products
Extremely smooth felt surface
Strict inspection procedure to make sure the quality
Professional using indication
Competitive price
Good after-sale service