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What Are the Benefits of Kevlar Yarn in Conveyor Belts?

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Properties of Kevlar Aramid fibers and their applications as a reinforcing material for conveyor belting have been reviewed. The article also included details of a series of fiber pull-out tests that determine the bond strengths at the Kevlar fiber rubber matrix interface for the belting, and further, included a design proposal for a double-lap-joint splice. 

It extends the work of the previous paper with a study of the strength of Kevlar reinforced conveyor belting splices, using experimental and finite element techniques to investigate methods to increase the static strength to be at least equal to the full static strength of the belt (equivalent to 100% splice efficiency).

Polyester Timming Belt

Features of Kevlar Yarn in Conveyor Belts

Used for low temperature to 70 °C, high temperature 480 °C, has the climate resistance, anti-aging.

Permeability - conveyer belt of ventilation rate, reducing heat cost, improve the drying efficiency.

Resistance to chemical corrosion, resistance strong acid, strong alkali.

Drug resistance, non-toxic.

With good mechanical properties.

Fire-proofing etc.

Kevlar yarn in conveyor belts is ideally suited for conveying product within highly efficient air distribution systems allowing optimized moisture removal to take place, so it is widely used as conveyor belting, so called as PTFE open mesh belts.

Applications of Kevlar Yarn in Conveyor Belts

Applications range of PTFE mesh belt from the drying of cereals, charcoal interlinings, carpet& carpet tiles, printed circuit boards and shrink-wrap tunnels but to name a few. 

Used for various drying mechanical conveyor belt, adhesive tape, sealing tape.

Microwave gasket, ovens, food drying.

Food baking machine conduction band, temperature control chamber, flux type rapid drying of ink and general water items such as drying equipment. 

Puffed food industry, Dried fruit industry, Bakery, Pharmaceutical factory, etc.

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