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What Is Conveyor Felt Belt for Aluminium Products?

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An aluminum profile conveyor belt is a kind of conveyor belt, which is a material handling system with industrial aluminum profile as a supporting structure. With the development of mechanical manufacturing, the motor chemical industry, and the metallurgical industry, the conveyor belt has gradually developed from the internal transport in the factory to the material handling in the enterprise, between enterprises and between cities. Become an integral part of industrial automation products.

Conveyor Felt Belt For Aluminum Extrusion


Aluminum profile conveyor belt and Conveyor endless felt belt are divided into two categories: conveyor belt equipment with traction parts and conveyor belt equipment without traction parts. There are many aluminum conveyor belt equipments with traction parts, such as belt conveyor, plate conveyor, trolley conveyor, bucket conveyor, and so on. The conveyor belt equipment without traction parts has rollers for rotation, screw conveyor, etc. 

The aluminum profile conveyor belt with traction parts generally includes: traction parts, bearing members, driving devices, tensioning devices, redirection devices, and aluminum profile supporting parts (including industrial aluminum profiles and aluminum profile accessories connectors), etc. The traction parts are used to transmit the traction force, which can be a conveyor belt, traction chain, or steel wire rope; the load-bearing components are used to carry materials, such as hopper, bracket, or sling. The conveyor belt without traction parts has the same structure and different working contents.


The advantages of aluminum profile conveyor belt are a wide range of use and good applicability. It can transport solid or finished goods; it has good transport capacity and can transport materials uninterruptedly; because it is composed of industrial aluminum profiles and accessories that can be dismantled at will, its transmission line can be flexibly set, such as turning and tilting without problems; the material transportation is stable and reliable, reducing material damage; the aluminum profile conveyor belt with traction has high strength and can be used for long-distance transportation In the process of transportation, materials can be classified, dried, cooled or assembled according to their own needs.

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