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PBO Felt Pad for Aluminum Cooling Table PBO Felt Pad for Aluminum Cooling Table


PBO Felt Pad for Aluminum Cooling Table

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As the substitute for graphite slats, PBO Felt Pad is mainly used at the beginning of the extruders press spout, avoiding scratches and dark marks caused by graphite. It is especially suitable for demanding extruded profiles.


Type: Felt Pad

Color: Brown

Material: PBO+ Kevlar

Temperature: 600℃

Density: 430g/m²

Width: 30-50mm

Length: up to 20000mm

Thickness: 8/10/12mm

Technique: Needle Punch

Application: Aluminum Industry(special felt for ultra-high temperature double-sided outlet)

Load Capacity: Below 2000T UST Extruder Aluminum Profiles


◆ No elongation under high tension and heavy load

◆ No seam, splice or joints; no breaks due to weak zone; high density structure

◆ Smooth and even belt surface: scratch-free extrusions

◆ Excellent belt tracking on the cooling table

◆ Low heat conductivity and high density with good wear resistance and impact resistance property under heavy conditions

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