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High Temperature Nomex Felt Pad High Temperature Nomex Felt Pad
High Temperature Nomex Felt Pad High Temperature Nomex Felt Pad
High Temperature Nomex Felt Pad High Temperature Nomex Felt Pad


High Temperature Nomex Felt Pad

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Thanks to its excellent features and characteristics, Nomex felt pads are highly versatile and offer a range of valuable properties.


Notably, these materials offer the following properties in particular (among others):

- Temperature resistance: One of the most notable properties of Nomex felt pads is their high temperature resistance, which in turn means that they can be used in a huge array of applications, including in fire-fighting activities. Generally, Nomex felt pads can maintain their stability in temperatures up to and exceeding 300 degrees Celsius (700 degrees Fahrenheit).

- Strength: Finding a material that offers good tensile strength can sometimes be hard, but Nomex could just be an ideal candidate. As such, if you need a strong material that can support heavy loads, Nomex felt pads are a potentially valuable option.

- Durability: Nomex felt pads are incredibly durable, which is due in part to their tensile strength, which in turn helps ensure that they are able to provide good value for money and reliable, long-lasting support. After all, nothing’s worse than spending out on an upgrade for your business only to find that the material can’t stand the test of time.



Heat Resistant Industrial Felt Pad

Availale Industrial Felt Materials







Up to 20000mm

Hard Type

Processed by Resin Hardened

Working Temperature



Adhesive Backing & Hard Type Available

Packing Way

Plastic Film Wrapping & Carton Packing

Shipping Way


Lead Time

About One Week



Manufacturing Technique

Needle Punched Technique

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