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Conveyor Felt Belt: From Fiber to Fabric

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Felt is the oldest man-made material that is known, it existed before woven cloth and knit. It is made when layers of wool are wet with soap and water after which the fibers are agitated to form a dense fabric. The product can then be stretched to make varieties of items including belt which are then referred to as felt belt.

Felt are used for various purposes in different industries since they are produced based on pressing, blending, and then drying. In this article, we discuss the advantages of using felt to manufacture felt belt.

Conveyor Felt Belt-From Fiber To Fabric

Felt and Fabric

The coatings applied on synthetic belts are termed polymers and can be made of different materials that have an effect on the suitability of the belt in a specific application. Polymers can be divided into two unique groups which are the thermoplastic or the thermoset. Fabric and felt belts are employed in a wide group of material transport systems like vehicle producing, food processing, and significant industries. Felt is a non-woven texture and it's most significant crude material for belting textures is polyester. The other fabric used are polyamide, cotton, and Flax.

Properties of Felt for the Production of Felt Belt 

  1. At the best possible thickness and firmness, felt can be seal in greases and seal out pollution. 

  2. It can serve as vibration and sound-reducing material.

  3. These characteristics may run from those of a subtle, graceful softening to a hard, thick material perfect for conferring profoundly cleaned surfaces to glass and metal. 

  4. In numerous cases, in spite of present-day innovative advances in synthetic and mechanical building, felt is a good material with good properties. As a matter of fact, they are the main material that will perform satisfactorily on a practical reason for some, grease metering, pressing, and protecting applications. 

  5. Felt's inherent attributes as well make it perfect for a wide scope of controlled separating applications. 

  6. While Felt might be viewed as one of the more building materials, its potential for mechanical applications has just been hardly tapped. 


The following are a few areas where felts of different structures and densities have successfully used for various applications. 

1. Architectural Applications: They are used in wall covers, wall paintings, furniture, and decoration. 

2. Home Appliances: Build-up and air seals, pivoting shaft lubricators, against clatter guards

3. Automotive Components: Drive instrument oil retainers, commotion and vibration retention and, transmission liquid filters

4. Electric Motors: Felt wicks and pressing convey consistently, metered oil source

5. Polishing and wiping: Fluid, focal points, glass, ceramics, floor scrubbers and polishers, metal tubing, rolled sheet steel and aluminum, and semi-fluid covering application 

6. Power Tools: Felt lubricators, pressure cushions for sanding machines, fuel, and fuel filters.

7. Seals and Bearings: Seal out soil and residue while successfully greasing up bearing inside.

8. Other Applications: Light bases, stamp cushions, against scratch cushions, climate stripping, and different padding.


Felt is a product of wet wool and agitated fiber that forms a dense fabric. Further stretching of felt can transform it into varieties of products such as a felt belt. Felt belt finds relevance in various industrial and domestic applications due to their toughness and tolerance to harsh conditions in industrial machines. However, to get the best value of felt belt for your money, always purchase them for a reliable manufacturer.

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