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Why You Need Felt Roller Conveyor in Your Production Line?

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In production plants, one of the most important things is to conveniently control and maintain high quality in all processes that are carried out. With the use of felt roller system, you could save a considerable amount of time, cost, and also be able to handle the materials efficiently. And also considering the weight of the material to be transported in the system. The standard weight of each item is within 20 kilos, you could not get any better options for transporting the same.

Felt roller conveyor systems have a particular style of carrying out its functions. The roller is powered by default. This kind of drive keeps running along the length of a unit below the bed of the roller. Then every single roller is connected to this by a rubber band which performs the function of turning the rollers. 

The roller operates in such a way that when a package is found to reach the end of a conveyor and get stopped over there. However, friction between the roller and the halted package results in the slipping of the rubber band. This enables the roller below the package stops without disturbing the rest on the system. Moreover, for your load to get a high-quality roller, always contact a reputable felt roller manufacturer.

Felt Roller Conveyor In Aluminum Extrusion Line

Calm-brand Conveyor Felt Roller Cover For Aluminum Extrusion

Below you will learn how conveyors help production plants to keep control and to have more space for new operations:

1. Roller conveyors help plant productions to have free space. This will allow you to think of new lines or implement new industrial processes.

2. Felt roller systems help create clean areas because the materials are transported on them.

3. They help to join all the lines and taking the products. Thereafter, the conveyor's systems take the materials to specialized areas to palletize or take them to the next intralogistics process.

4. Conveyors allow product management standardization. This helps the company not to invest in staff trainings because having this effective tool reduces specialization.

5. The conveyor's system provides modularity and scalability. This lets you readjust only parts of the solution when your business grows, without changing or getting rid of all the installed system.

6. They help products and production lines being in order.

7. They increase security in operations.

8. They increase your business' productivity.

9. They exponentially improve the process's quality.

10.  Such conveyor systems help to move your products at random and make multi-directional transportation possible.

11. It increases efficiency in the production line.



In a felt roller conveyor system, you can always ensure that the entire load is evenly distributed. When the workload is spread out in such uniform fashion, this helps the system to operate in their full potential. If required, exclusively designed clutches can be fitted on the body of the roller for greater efficiency. Stop wasting time and productivity with traditional processes that damage the use of your materials. Contact a manufacturer and analyze the advantages that a felt roller conveyor provides to the heart of your business.

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