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What Makes Kevlar So Strong?

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One thing nature bestowed on humans is the gift of great materials. The materials are incredible for the modern world. The good thing is that these are materials that are adaptable and very strong and making a lot of them is very real. One of these magical materials is Kevlar, a synthetic material that is solid enough to keep away knives and even bullets.  If you are ready to know what makes Kevlar so strong, then continue reading.

About Kevlar

Kevlar is a powerful plastic that is produced by Dupont chemical company. Kevlar has two varieties you can have it as Kevlar 49 or Kevlar 29. Kevlar is synthetic in nature. This material has awesome properties which include that it doesn't melt unlike other plastics, it is very strong, it can burn and it has the properties to resist attacks from other chemicals. But the bad thing about Kevlar is its inability to contractive strength. You wouldn't be able to easily compress or squash it to the desired shape.

Kevlar Belt

What makes Kevlar so strong?

Kevlar is made of tightly woven fibers

This is one reason why Kevlar is very strong; it is made of tightly woven fibers that are of highly lucid polymer molecules. With a fiber like this, it always takes too much energy to set them apart. So with this fiber even if a bullet or knife is tried to pass through it will be impeded and of course, it will do lesser damage

Thickness of Kevlar

Another top factor that makes Kevlar so strong is the more layers of materials used for its production.  Kevlar is bonded by high layers of materials which makes it very thick. So this will bring protection to the user as more layers mean more protection. This is why Kevlar is a good antiballistic material that can resist both knives and bullets. So with an increased thickness of Kevlar the stronger it becomes and can cause a high level of resistance to ballistic materials.

Properties of Kevlar

Kevlar is made of super strong properties. The most thing about these properties is that they are not affected at all by moisture. This is why Kevlar can resist attacks from a lot of chemicals. It is a manmade fiber but also an organic fiber that is found in aromatic polyamide. So it has distinguished itself to be strong over time as it has high strength resistance, is tough, has high thermal stability, and has high modulus as well.

Perfect Chains line up

Kevlar is very strong because its chains line up perfectly. the chains stick together so strongly. This means no fluid can get it dissolved. With this lineup, not even heat can attack it, this is because Kevlar remains even firm at high temperatures.


It will be good for humans that need top safety like the military to have antiballistic materials to keep them safe. So nature has provided a very strong synthetic material that can be joined to prevent penetration of dangerous weapons and this is where Kevlar has come in to be very useful as a very strong antiballistic material.

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