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What is PBO and PBO Felt Roller?

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PBO felt rollers are widely used in the aluminum extrusion industry, using before fly-cut, effectively improving the scratch mark made by the graphite. PBO can withstand temperatures up to 1200℉/600℃.

PBO Felt Roller

What is PBO

PBO stands for Polybenzobisoxazole, a synthetic polymer invented by SRI International and is currently manufactured by Toyobo Corporation in Japan. The trademark name for PBO is Zylon. Zylon is 1.6 times stronger than Kevlar and can also withstand higher temperatures.

Technical Data of PBO

Tenacity: 37cN/dtex

Elongation: 3.5%-2.5%(HM)

Modulus: 1150cN/dtex (AS) - 1720cN/tex (HM)

Degradation temperature: 600°C

Density: 1.54g/cm3 (AS)-1.56g/cm3 (HM)

Colour: yellow-orange

Applications of PBO

PBO has the highest performances to high temperatures and high mechanical stress, but it's expensive. So PBO is generally used in advanced and demanding environments.

Industry: glassware, filtration, conveyor belts, sewing thread, welding or foundry protection, joints, etc.

Construction: concrete reinforcements

Safety: firefighter's protective equipment, anti-cutting gloves, ballistic protection, etc.

Transport: tyres, various types of sheathing.

Where to Buy PBO Felt Roller from Factory

Calm is an experienced manufacturer of PBO felt roller. We have been in aluminum extrusion industrial felts for 20 years. Welcome to contact us for a factory offer.

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