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What is Nomex?

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Nomex is the brand name for a fiber made by DuPont in 1964. And it is best known for its great heat resistance and high strength due to its stable structure. Nomex needle punched products are available in a variety of fields. Now, let's explore this fiber more further.

Nomex Fiber



Products made from Nomex are high intensity with good abrasion resistance, which are not easy to wear and tear. As a result, it is suitable to use as textile material for being flexible and durable.


Nomex is non-conductive, which can prevent accidents caused by an electric shock. It ensures not only the safety of the workers but also the safe and efficient running. What's more, The use of Nomex paper can extend the service life of the equipment to save the operation costs.

Chemical resistance

Nomex is highly resistant to most acids and alkalis, or other solvents. And it is compatible with all varnishes, adhesives, lubricants, and freezers. By the way, insects, fungi, and mildew can not damage Nomex, too.


Flame resistance

The highest heat resistance of Nomex is 280℃. The fiber will get thicker when the temperature exceeds this limit. And it does not melt, drip, support combustion, or produce toxic gases in case of fire. So it is suitable for heat treatment in industrial production.



Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Nomex is soft and lightweight, providing a comfortable feeling for PPE garments. At the same time, there is no lack of excellent protective capacity for wearers. 

PPE includes safety gloves, protective clothing, face shields, goggles, helmets, safety shoes, and so on. It helps to protect users from injuries or illnesses caused by working in specific high-risk workplaces. For example, those who dedicate their lives to saving others deserve the best protection, such as the police, firefighters, and soldiers. In the same way, Nomex racing suits play a key role in providing the wearer with valuable escape time, whether it's a crash on the track or a pit stop accident.


Electric insulation

Nomex paper plays a vital role in a wide range of insulating applications. On the one hand, it can greatly reduce losses and increase safety and reliability. On the other hand, it can reduce the amount of steel used for conductors and cores to cut down the size and cost.


Besides, Nomex paper has a variety of series according to different usages and functions. Take the Nomex 300 Series as an example. It is designed for white goods, power tools, and other electricals with low-demanding and increased cost.


Industrial production

Felt products made of Nomex is also very popular in aluminum extrusion. The heat resistant and flameproof help to avoid a wide range of thermal hazards. And the soft-touch of the felt protects the aluminum profile from scratches and dents. As mentioned above, the highest operating temperature of Nomex is around 280℃. And felt roller, felt belt, and felt pad can better show the heat resistance of Nomex. So they are suitable for the stretcher table and storage table in the middle temp. Zone.


Nomex spacer sleeve and Nomex felt strip are two crucial protectors, which are much emphasis on protective capacity. Spacer sleeves cover each profile to avoid surface damage from stacking, storage, and shipping. While packing racks, forklifts, and other areas can apply Nomex felt strip to protect against impact. And the most important is that both of them are suitable to use in the aging furnace, which can help to increase the productivity of the profile.

By now, you surely have a clear understanding of what Nomex is. And if you would like to see more Nomex needle punched felt products, please feel free to contact us! CALM has been working on industrial felt products for many years, and we will make full use of our expertise to serve you!

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