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What is Nomex and Nomex Felt Roller?

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Nomex felt roller is widely used in the aluminum extrusion industry.  It usually could withstand temperatures up to 450℉/280℃, suitable for the output table after the straightening machine. What is Nomex? Read on and find out.

Nomex Felt Roller

What is Nomex

Nomex is a trademark for a flame-resistant meta-aramid developed by Dupont. Nomex has good thermal, chemical, and radiation resistance for a polymer material. For example, the firefighters’ suits are made of Nomex because of their resistance to fire and chemicals. But this also causes Nomex to have a poorer strength and a lower resistance to heat than Kevlar.

Features of Nomex

♠Insulation: Wherever electrical insulation is required, NOMEX can usually be seen.

♠Mechanical toughness: The product has very high strength, good elasticity, tear-resistance, abrasion resistance, and thinner products are flexible.

♠Thermal stability: The product is recognized by the UL material temperature class of 220°C, which means that it can maintain effective performance for more than 10 years even if it is continuously placed at 220°C.

♠Compatibility: Most solvents are not affected and are very resistant to acid and alkali corrosion. It is also compatible with all varnishes, adhesives, transformer fluids, lubricating oils, and cooling agents.

♠Low-temperature performance: Under the boiling point of nitrogen (77K), the tensile strength of NOMEX; T410 type insulating paper and NOMEX® 993, 994 type laminates exceeds the strength value at room temperature;

♠Insensitive to moisture: When the product is 95% wet, its dielectric strength is 90% of that in an arid state. At the same time, many mechanical properties are improved.

♠Radiation resistance: even if the intensity of ionizing radiation reaches 800 Mrads (8 Mgrays), NOMEX® the product is unaffected, and after 8 times this dose of radiation, it still maintains its mechanical and electrical properties.

♠Non-toxic: The product will not cause any known toxic reactions to humans or animals.

♠Flame resistance: The product does not melt in the air and does not support combustion. And at 220°C, its limited oxygen index (LOI) is more significant than 20.8 (the critical value of combustion for general air), so it will not burn.

Other Applications of Nomex

Filter material: NOMEX fiber has excellent high-temperature resistance, flame retardancy, good spinnability and dimensional stability, and good mechanical properties. It is made into filter bags in the industry and can withstand high-temperature smoke at 200 ℃. The instantaneous temperature can reach 250℃, widely used in the high-temperature flue gas dust removal project of cement rotary kiln head and kiln tail.

Flame-retardant fabric: Use NOMEX fiber to woven fabric. Add 2% anti-static and 5% aramid 1414 to make NOMEX3A flame-retardant fabric, which is the best choice for work clothes in the petroleum industry.

Where to Buy Nomex Felt Roller from Factory?

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