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What Is Kevlar Gloves?

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Kevlar is the brand name of an aramid fiber material product developed by DuPont in the United States. The repeating unit of the chemical formula is -[-CO-C6H4 -CONH-C6H4-NH-]-The amide group attached to the benzene ring is a para-position structure (the meta-position structure is another product under the brand name Nomex, commonly known as fireproof fiber).


Why Is Kevlar Good?


It's strong but relatively light. The specific tensile strength (stretching or pulling strength) of Kevlar 29 and Kevlar 49 is over eight times greater than steel wire.

Unlike most plastics, it does not melt: it's reasonably good at withstanding temperatures and decomposes only at about 500℃(932°F).

Unlike its sister material, Nomex, Kevlar can be ignited but burning usually stops when the heat source is removed.

Low temperatures do not affect Kevlar: DuPont found "no embrittlement or degradation" down to −196°C (−320°F).

Kevlar can resist attacks from many different chemicals, though long exposure to strong acids or bases will degrade over time.

In DuPont's tests, Kevlar remained "virtually unchanged" after exposure to hot water for more than 200 days, and its super-strong properties are "virtually unaffected" by moisture.


The Application of Kevlar


Kevlar is probably best known for its use in bulletproof vests and knife-proof body armor, but it also has dozens of other applications.


For Example

Ballistics and defense

Composites in Aircraft structural parts

Belts and hoses for automotive heating/cooling systems

Fiber optic and electromechanical cables

Friction products and gaskets

Adhesives and sealants

Protective apparel in automobile and Aircraft

Heat resistant Kevlar gloves


More About Heat Resistant Kevlar Gloves


The exterior layer of heat resistant gloves is made of Kevlar, which can withstand the temperature up to 500℃(932°F). And the inner layer is the comfortable flame-retardant lining for overall protection.

Kevlar heat resistant gloves
Kevlar heat resistant gloves (2)
Kevlar heat resistant gloves (3)

Usages: Aluminum profile extrusion, steel/metal processing, welding, glassmaking, ceramics, thermoplastic industry, automobile manufacturing, etc.



High-quality fiber - superior comfort, great air-permeability, high sensitivity

Anti-cutting - reduce cut hazards, ideal for the glass industry, metal stamping, etc.

Heat resistant - avoid burning injury or damage due to high temperature

Double insulated - both inside and outside layers are anti-static for safety

Extended cuff - protect the wrist area and reduce discomfort caused by heat

One size fits all - good adaption with hands, easy to control with ease




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