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What Is Kevlar Conveyor Belt?

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Kevlar conveyor belts are widely used in the aluminum extrusion industry, suitable for run-out tables and cooling tables. Do you know why Kevlar usually can withstand temperatures up to 480℃? Read on and find out.

Kevlar and Nomex endless felt belt

What Is Kevlar

Kevlar is the trademark name for an aramid fiber made by Dupont. Kevlar is made by a solution of monomers 1,4 phenylene-diamine and terephthaloyl chloride in a condensation reaction.

♥It's strong but relatively light. The specific tensile strength (stretching or pulling strength) of Kevlar 29 and Kevlar 49 is over eight times greater than steel wire.

♥Unlike most plastics, it does not melt: it's reasonably good at withstanding temperatures and decomposes only at about 500℃(932°F).

♥Unlike its sister material, Nomex, Kevlar can be ignited but burning usually stops when the heat source is removed.

♥Low temperatures do not affect Kevlar: DuPont found "no embrittlement or degradation" down to −196°C (−320°F).

♥Kevlar can resist attacks from many different chemicals, though long exposure to strong acids or bases will degrade over time.

♥In DuPont's tests, Kevlar remained "virtually unchanged" after exposure to hot water for more than 200 days, and its super-strong properties are "virtually unaffected" by moisture.

Kevlar and nomex felt belt

Technical Data of Kevlar

Strength: 3.6 GPa

Elongation modulus: 131 GPa

Elongation at break: 2.8%

Temperature: 480℃

Axial thermal expansion coefficient: -2 × 10 ^ (-6) / K

Thermal conductivity: 0.048 W(m·K)


Other Applications of Kevlar


Kevlar is well-known as a component of some bulletproof vests. The US military forces PASGT helmet and vest used from the early 1980s have Kevlar as a critical component, as do their replacements. Civilian applications include Kevlar reinforced clothing for motorcycle riders to protect against abrasion injuries.

Sports Equipment

In many cases, it is part of composite material, used in the production of some tennis, badminton, squash rackets, kayaks, and some field hockey and lacrosse sticks. It is used as an inner lining for some bicycle tires to prevent punctures, and due to its excellent heat resistance, it is used for fire poi wicks.

Audio Equipment

It has also been functional acoustic properties for loudspeaker cones, specifically for bass and midrange drive units.

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