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What is Aluminum Extrusion?

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Aluminum extrusion is primarily used in product design and manufacturing. Aluminum extrusion is the process in which aluminum alloy is taken through a die with a particular profile. The method uses a powerful ram to push the aluminum through the die, where it comes through the die opening. When coming out, it imitates the same die shape. For instance, when getting toothpaste from the tube, it comes out as a tube opening.

Types of aluminum extrusion

Direct extrusion.

Direct extrusion is the most common type of aluminum extrusion. The billet is stationed in a stationary container as the hydraulic ram moves to ensure it comes out through the die opening.

Indirect extrusion.

Through this method, the die remains intact as the aluminum billet and container move simultaneously. With ram pressure, the soft metal flows via the die opening in the opposite ram direction.

To acquire long components, ensure that the aluminum extrusion process remains continuous. During the extrusion process, you should maintain temperature control. The temperature in the container should remain constant. Since aluminum is a great heat conductor, it is perfect to use it as a heating shield or a component to transfer heat. The extruded areas' parts can have different finishing types, such as painting, powder coating, and anodizing.

Best alloys for extrusion

The best alloys are the aluminum series from 6xxx. Here are the three best alloys for extrusion.

6005 aluminum

6005 aluminum is perfect for designs with high corrosion resistance and average strength. The 6005 alloy has numerous amounts of silicon that helps in melting temperature reduction and enhances the extrusion ability. 6005 alloy is present in tubing, ladders, connectors, and automotive.

6063 aluminum

6063 alloy is mainly used in extrusion because it has a high-quality finish and corrosion resistance abilities. It also has high electoral conductivity, which makes it a perfect choice for electoral tubing and applications. 6063 alloy is also used in seamless tubing, heat sinks, and structural pipes and tubes.

6463 aluminum

6463 aluminum is extracted from 98% raw aluminum and small amounts of copper, manganese, magnesium, zinc, and silicon. The alloys are excellent at high density and strength. It is commonly used for contractions.

Benefits of using aluminum in extrusion processes


Aluminum is the lightest metal, making aluminum extrusions easy to handle, budget-friendly when shipping, and great where weight reduction is required.


Aluminum has both strength and flexibility and can flex on heavy loads.

Corrosion resistant

Aluminum extrusions are corrosion-resistant. Thus, no rusting occurs.

Great thermal conductivity

Aluminum is the best heat and cold conductor compared to other metals. Therefore, extrusion is ideal during applications that need heat exchanges.

Electrical conductivity

Aluminum extrusions are the perfect choice for activities requiring electricity because they are higher conductivity levels and are less costly.

Non-magnetic properties

Aluminum extrusions are excellent choices where magnetic fields are present because they do not conduct any magnetic charges.

Aluminum extrusions are commonly used in industries and other mechanical applications. Aluminum is a great conductor of heat, which can be applied in projects that require heat. In addition, it is the lightest metal, thus highly reliable and cost-effective.

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