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What are the Functions and Characteristics of Nomex Fiber?

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The first question we want to give attention to is, "What is Nomex?" Nomex was the first all-aromatic polyamide to be commercially released by Du Pont in 1961. However, meta-aramid fiber is marketed under the brand name Nomex. So Du Pont created aromatic polyamide adhesives, along with the zigzag-linked meta-type known as Nomex. Tensile resistance is increased in the meta-aramid fiber Nomex in the same way that Nylon is.

Nomex comes in both fiber and fabric forms. Its main strength is its heat resistance, as it does not degenerate until 317oC is reached. Even so, it does not melt. To improve its thermal stability, it can be pretreated. Nomex is a meta-aramid fiber made of poly(phenylene terephthalamide). Let us talk about the functions of Nomex.

Characteristics of Nomex fiber

Nomex and related aramid polymers have fragrant structures but are linked to nylon. As a result, they are more rigid and reliable. So Nomex is an example of a polyamide meta variant. Kevlar is a type of para-aramid.

However, unlike Kevlar, Nomex strands could perhaps align during fiber polymers and have lower strength. As a result, its utmost compressive capacity is 340 MPa. However, for a polymer material, it has outstanding heat, chemical, and thermal diffusivity. It can survive heat waves of up to 370 degrees Celsius.

Nomex has excellent temperature resistance, durability, and anti-static properties. Plus, Nomex is shrink-resistant and has an easy-care capability. Nomex materials are extremely pleasant to use and are immune to the majority of factory oils, liquids, and compounds. Some of the best features are how easily the colorants are soaked up and repaired into the textile.

Nomex Conveyor Belt

Functions of Nomex fiber

Electrical laminates, such as circuit boards, are made with Nomex paper. It's also used in power transformers and fireproof honeycomb systems after being saturated with phenolic resin. Such honeycomb structures, as well as mylar-Nomex laminates, are commonly used in aircraft development. Nomex is used to make apparel and devices that can endure extreme heat in firefighting and army aircraft.

However, Nomex hoods are common in racing and firefighting equipment. It's also worn on the head over a firefighter's face mask. However, the hood shields the parts of the head that aren't coated by the headgear. It also applies to protecting your face from the strenuous heat generated by the fire.

Nomex has been used in the American space program for the Thermal Micrometeoroid Garment. It is used for fire and extreme environment protection in the Extravehicular Mobility Unit and the ACES pressure suit. Nomex is also used as a thermal blanket on the Space Shuttle Orbiter's payload bay doors and upper wing floors.


Additionally, Nomex was also used in the Mars Pathfinder and Mars Exploration Rover missions' airbags. As a result, the Galileo atmospheric probe and the Cassini-Huygens Titan probe were used as external covers for the AERCam Sprint. So, it will be used in NASA's forthcoming Crew Exploratory Vehicle. Click on our homepage for more interesting articles.

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