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What Are the Different Conveyor Belts?

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A conveyor system is an essential piece of mechanical handling equipment in many sectors, and it is used to carry items, products, and raw materials from one location to another, typically within the same building or region.

Examples of conveyor belts

Heat-resistant conveyor belts

Heat-resistant conveyor belts are widely used in the aluminum extrusion industry. As you may know, the temperatures keep changing during the process in the aluminum line. We always use conveyor belts with different materials based on the temperatures. (PBO, Kevlar, Nomex, Polyester)

Filter conveyors belt

It allows particles to travel through the conveyor belt system rather than along it. Excess liquid can be drained from components, and poisons can be removed with its help in the industry. There are a lot of water treatment companies that employ these kinds of conveyance systems. Creating filter-capable belts can be accomplished by utilizing metal or synthetic fibers.

Plastic interlocking conveyor belt

Plastic modules are connected in a bricklaying-like fashion to create this conveyor belt. It's a great substitute for flat belts. It is most commonly used in extremely corrosive and wear-resistant applications, such as food and pharmaceutical processing, manufacturing, and packaging.

Solid conveyor belt

One of the most widely used types of conveyor belts is the solid conveyor belt. Fabrics and rubber are common materials used in the manufacture of these heavy-duty belts. Many businesses, such as mining, logistics, and air travel, rely on it. These belts can be repaired with the help of conveyor belt repair supplies.

With a variety of materials, thicknesses, and configurations, conveyor belt producers can create a variety of conveyor belts with varying performance. Examples include conveyor belts that must meet food safety regulations while others that must be able to handle high temperatures. General-purpose belts have characteristics such as high or low friction and specialized bulk-handling structures that are widespread.

Woven metal conveyor belt

The interlinking chains or wiring of a woven metal conveyor belt allow for airflow as an item passes down it. Weaved metal conveyor belts are commonly used to speed up drying, cooling, and heating processes in a variety of different sectors. Prefabricated or custom-designed woven metal conveyor belts can be provided by the producers of woven metal conveyor belts.

Hinged conveyor belt

Metal frames are common in hinge conveyor belts. The hinged quality belt provides a flat, solid surface that can be rotated around the pulley system by interlocking hinges. For small products, scrap, and recycling, hinge conveyor belts are used because of their longevity and capacity to withstand heavy use.

General use conveyor belt

An underlayment and a carcass are the most common components of this style of the conveyer belt. PVC, neoprene, urethane, nitrile, and polyurethane are some of the most common materials, but leather and other natural fibers are also used. Conveyor belts can have a range of properties, such as wear resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, flame resistance, and oil resistance, by utilizing different thicknesses and amounts of cover.

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Heat-resistant conveyor belts

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