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Things You Need to Know About Nomex

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Nomex is a meta-aramid fiber, also known as aramid 1313. It is characterized by good heat resistance and high strength. At a temperature of 250 °C, the material properties can remain stable for a long time. Its needle-punched products are mainly used as high-temperature filter materials and insulating materials. DuPont NOMEX  is an aromatic polyamide, commonly known as aramid. The molecular structure of this material is exceptionally stable, and the excellent performance of NOMEX is derived from this. It has excellent high-temperature resistance, flame retardant, Non-toxic, and good electrical and mechanical properties.

NOMEX is the trade name registered by DuPont for its meta-aramid (meta-aramid or aramid 1313) products, including meta-aramid fibers, paper, and laminates.

Where electrical insulation is required, NOMEX aramid products are usually found, with a unique and appropriate balance of properties, which have been used for many years in transformers, motors, generators, and other electrical equipment to improve electrical insulation reliability.


Filter Material

NOMEX fiber has excellent high-temperature resistance, flame retardant properties, good spinnability and dimensional stability, and good mechanical properties. It is made into filter bags in industry, which can withstand high-temperature flue gas at 200 ℃, and the instantaneous temperature can be up to 250℃. It is widely used in high-temperature flue gas dust removal projects at the kiln head and kiln tail of cement rotary kiln.

Flame Retardant Fabric

Using NOMEX fiber to weave into the fabric, adding 2% anti-static and 5% aramid 1414 can be made into NOMEX3A flame retardant fabric, which is the best choice for work clothes in the petroleum industry.

Nomex Felt Belts Manufacturer

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