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The Best Way to Protect Aluminum Extrusion That You May Not Know

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The aluminum profile has a wide range of applications for being versatile and low cost. As a remarkable material, both surface quality and appearance are very important. Thus, in some cases, it is necessary to take a surface treatment to protect the profile.

Why need to take surface treatment?

There are many reasons for applying the extra surface finish. Such as hardness, color, reflectivity, electrical insulation, surface structure, wear and corrosion resistance. As for the type of finish, it greatly depends on the uses and customer preferences. And the main functions are as follow:

Protective  - When aluminum comes in contact with air, it forms an oxide film on the surface of the metal against corrosion. But that's not enough in extreme environments. As a result, extra surface finish is a must in acid rain, salt corrosion, and so on. 

Decorative - Surface treatment plays a vital role in improving appearance. It is especially suitable for consumer products with bright colors and attractive appeals. Different techniques can achieve various effects that you want, such as polishing, a mirror finish, and a textured look.

Felt strips and spacer sleeves for aluminum extruion


As a matter of fact, the profile rarely requires surface treatment due to its unique property. After all, the natural oxide film can serve as a corrosion-resistant barrier. And the film will re-form once the profile is cut or worn. It is sufficient for a number of daily uses. No wonder it is so popular in a wide range of fields. 

But it does not mean that the profile is not in need of any protection. Don't forget that a clean and smooth surface is crucial for qualified profiles. Now, let's read on to find out the best way to protect the profile.

Nomex felt strip is an ideal cushion with a soft touch, which can be used everywhere to protect the profile. It is flexible and easy to install. So you can cut it into the shape you need and stick it anywhere with adhesive. For example, forklift forks with felt strips prevent surface scratches or dents during transport. Felt strips can also avoid damage by bumping into the iron rack during storage, aging, and packing.

While felt spacer sleeve is a bar cover made of high-quality Nomex or Polyester felt. It is great for covering the entire profile surface to provide complete protection. On the one hand, as the temperature rises, the spacer sleeve will shrink to provide a tighter fit. On the other hand, it can separate the profile to avoid bumping and rubbing against each other when stacking, aging, and transport. In addition, felt spacer bar sleeve is an economical choice for being reusable to reduce production costs. 

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