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Taiwan Customer’s Order-PBO & Kevlar & Polyester Felt Roller, Kevlar & Polyester Felt Belt

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Taiwan customers (synchronous belt traders) started to send inquiries in April and placed orders soon after the quotation. A similar second order was placed when the first shipment was not received. Now the cooperation has been maintained.


Taiwan Customer's Order

First Communication Time: April 2021

Order Time: May 2021

Country: Taiwan, China

Products: PBO felt roller, Kevlar felt roller, Polyester felt roller, Kevlar felt belt, Polyester felt belt



PBO Felt Roller


Kevlar Felt Roller

Polyester Felt Roller

Polyester Felt Roller


Polyester Conveyor Belt

Packing and Shipping

Polyester Felt Belt
Polyester Felt Belt
PBO Felt Roller
PBO Felt Roller

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