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Polyester Felt Belt for Aluminum Extrusion Polyester Felt Belt for Aluminum Extrusion


Polyester Felt Belt for Aluminum Extrusion

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Type: Belt-PKN
Color: White
Working Temperature: 150℃
Composition: Polyester+Kevlar+One Layor Nomex Tension Menber Polyester Kevlar+Nomex
Available Size: Width 20-1500mm/Lenght 1700-11000mm/Thichness 8, 10, 12mm


There are numerous properties that help make polyester a popular material for use with conveyor belt technology, and keeping these in mind could help you find the most appropriate option for your needs. 

In particular, polyester’s key benefits for use as a conveyor belt material include:

- Affordability: One of the main reasons that people choose polyester materials is simply because they’re a cost-effective and affordable option. Indeed, compared to many alternatives, the price of polyester materials is relatively low, helping keep the cost down for brands without compromising on practicality.

- Quick drying: Spills aren’t uncommon with conveyor belts, and so having a material that’s easy to clean and quick to dry can be incredibly important. Fortunately, this is exactly what polyester can offer!

- Lightweight material: Did you know that polyester is incredibly lightweight - making it brilliant for use as part of a conveyor belt system? The lightweight nature helps enable the smooth operation of the conveyor belt while minimising wear and tear on moving parts.

- Strength: Another key perk of choosing a polyester conveyor belt is the excellent tensile strength that it can offer. Indeed, conveyor belts often experience a lot of heavy use; fortunately, polyester materials are incredibly strong and durable, enabling them to withstand the stress and tension of conveying even heavy loads over extended periods of time (ideal for a manufacturing line or sales setting where the conveyors are likely to be in use for hours each day).

If you think that these properties could be what your business needs, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help you find the perfect materials going forward.

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