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PBO Roller Sleeve Heat Resistant PBO Roller Sleeve Heat Resistant


PBO Roller Sleeve Heat Resistant

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There are several great features of PBO that make it an excellent solution, in many cases. Of course, it’s first worth noting here that our own range of PBO roller sleeves are designed to the highest possible standards on the market, providing an uncompromising solution for your own manufacturing efforts. 



When you choose top-class PBO, you can enjoy numerous potential benefits:

- Strength: Hands down, the main benefit of PBO for most manufacturing applications has to be its outstanding strength. Indeed, since PBO is such a strong and durable material, it’s widely considered one of the best options for moving parts and heavy-duty applications. As a result, you can be confident that your PBO roller sleeves should be able to withstand almost any level of pressure that they may need to reasonably withstand.

- Temperature resistance: Moving parts can understandably get hot with continual use, and many manufacturing lines are warm to begin with. Luckily, PBO’s excellent temperature resistance means that it remains stable, even when exposed to high temperatures.

- Chemical stability: Thanks to its chemically stable nature, PBO offers an ideal material for many different applications. As such, no matter what you might be applying to the roller sleeves, PBO should generally be able to last and continue operating as normal.

If you’re looking for a high-grade polymer that’s capable of living up to even the most demanding environments, PBO could be just what you need. So, don’t chance it; contact us today to learn more.












 Inner Diameter

41 43 44 45 49 50 51 60 61 62 63 76 77 80 81 82 90 95 100 101 102 114 115 120 127


custom made accordingly to customer's request



 Working Temperature





 Mostly Suitable for

before fly cut(ultra-high temp. zone)
Effectively avoid scratch marks made by graphite.

after fly cut & run out table(high temp.zone)

the output table(middle temp. zone)

finished saw table & room-temperature area only
(low temp. Zone)

 Packing Way

packed with film and put in cartons

 Shipping Way


 Lead Time

about one week




needle punched


treated with resin, hard type treatment

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