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PBO and Kevlar Conveyor Roller Sleeve

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PBO and Kevlar Conveyor Roller Sleeves use PBO and Kevlar as raw materials; the highest working temperature is up to 600℃. PBO and Kevlar Conveyor Roller Sleeves are usually used before the fly cut to improve the scratch mark made by the graphite.

The seamless roller sleeve is specially developed for customers with a high surface requirement. It resists raising, unevenness, scaling, aluminum pollution, and other defects. It is especially suitable for producing high-quality aluminum products with electrophoretic or polished surfaces.


Type: Endless Conveyor Roller Sleeve

Color: Brown

Density: 430g/m²

Material: PBO and Kevlar

Thickness: 5mm-14mm

Temperature: 600℃

Technique: Needle Punch

Application: Aluminium Industry(before fly cut)

Load Capacity: Below 2000T UST Extrude Aluminum Profiles

Inside Diameter:

Φ41, 42, 44, 45

Φ49, 50, 51

Φ60, 61, 62, 63

Φ76, 77

Φ80, 81, 82

Φ90, 95

Φ100, 101, 102

Φ114, 115

Φ120, 127

Length: all sizes are available.

We can customize different sizes according to your requirements.


◆ Without joints and seams. It has no weaknesses and has a flat thickness.

◆ The aluminum extrusion roller is flat with no blemishes, bumps, or scales. The surface is extremely smooth and will not contaminate aluminum. Especially suitable for the production of aluminum products with extremely high requirements for electrophoretic surfaces and polished surfaces.

◆ The felt material is 100% pure, without any impurities.

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