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Nomex Felt Pad

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When looking for a new manufacturing material, there are countless different options you could consider - but few offer the same practicality and versatility as Nomex felt pads. Fortunately, if this is something you have been looking for, our expert teams here at Calm are among the most professional and experienced in the industry, and we’d be proud to help you find out more about how these excellent products could work with your goals.

What is Nomex?

With many excellent properties that help make it a valuable and popular material, Nomex has become an incredibly popular option in recent years. First created in the 1960s, the material has since become a popular option for heat-resistant applications. However, it can also be used in a wide range of other manners, allowing it to provide countless benefits for businesses and manufacturers.

What are the Main Properties of Nomex Felt Pads?

Thanks to its excellent features and characteristics, Nomex felt pads are highly versatile and offer a range of valuable properties. Notably, these materials offer the following properties in particular (among others):

- Temperature resistance: One of the most notable properties of Nomex felt pads is their high temperature resistance, which in turn means that they can be used in a huge array of applications, including in fire-fighting activities. Generally, Nomex felt pads can maintain their stability in temperatures up to and exceeding 300 degrees Celsius (700 degrees Fahrenheit).

- Strength: Finding a material that offers good tensile strength can sometimes be hard, but Nomex could just be an ideal candidate. As such, if you need a strong material that can support heavy loads, Nomex felt pads are a potentially valuable option.

- Durability: Nomex felt pads are incredibly durable, which is due in part to their tensile strength, which in turn helps ensure that they are able to provide good value for money and reliable, long-lasting support. After all, nothing’s worse than spending out on an upgrade for your business only to find that the material can’t stand the test of time.

Nomex Heat Resistant Felt Pad

How Can Nomex Felt Pads be Used?

Nomex felt pads offer countless properties, and as such, they’re used widely in modern industries and manufacturing applications. Some of the main uses of Nomex felt pads include in aerospace and automotive manufacturing, as well as for protective fire-resistant gear and electrical insulation.

The opportunities are numerous; luckily, if you have any questions about whether Nomex felt pads might help with your needs, our team can help.

Find your Ideal Nomex Felt Pads Today

If you’re ready to find out more about Nomex felt pads and the properties they can offer, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our experts. We recognise that every business’s needs are different, which is why we also strive to tailor our products and services to your requirements.

So, don’t leave it to chance; make sure you’ve checked with our experts how Nomex felt pads could work for you. Or, alternatively, reach out to us at toby@gdcalm.com for your free quote to begin the process of ordering Nomex felt pads for your business today.

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