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Kevlar Heat Resistant Mittens丨One Big Thumb丨GP52 Kevlar Heat Resistant Mittens丨One Big Thumb丨GP52


Kevlar Heat Resistant Mittens丨One Big Thumb丨GP52

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The exterior layer of these gloves is made of Kevlar, which can withstand temperatures of up to 500℃. That means you can stay protected while you work with high temperatures and dangerous materials.

These gloves are also double insulated and anti-static to provide even more protection. And the extended cuff protects your wrists from potential hazards. The best part is that these gloves are one size fits all so that anyone can enjoy their safety benefits.

So if you're looking for a reliable, comfortable, and safe way to protect your hands while working with high temperatures, look no further than our Kevlar Heat-Resistant Gloves!

What to use Kevlar Heat resistant gloves for:

●Steel/metal processing & welding
●Glassmaking & ceramics
●Aluminum profile extrusion & automobile manufacturing


Model: GP52

Material: Kevlar

Color: Yellow

Temperature: 500℃

Flexibility: 3.5 Grade

Length: 37cm


High-quality Fiber - superior comfort, great air-permeability, high sensitivity 

Anti-cutting - reduces cut hazards, ideal for the glass industry, metal stamping, etc.

Heat Resistant - avoid burning injury or damage due to high temperature

Double Insulated - both inside and outside layers are anti-static for safety

Extended Cuff - protect the wrist area and reduce discomfort caused by heat

One Size Fits All - good adaption with hands, easy to control with ease

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