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Is Kevlar a Durable Material?

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Heard of bullet and knife-proofed materials before? Yes, that's Kevlar. But how much do you know about it. Do you think it is durable? Well, very briefly, we will be answering these questions and many more in this piece. Please take a moment to read till the end.

What is Kevlar?

Kevlar is a synthetic fiber developed at DuPont by Stephanie Kwolek in 1965. It is a strong, highly heat-resistant synthetic fiber made into several things such as gloves, cycle tires, Bulletproof, combat helmets, jackets, sleeves, etc. Kevlar is made out of poly-para-phenylene terephthalamide. Don't border yourself, it's just a chemical compound.

Features of Kevlar

Kevlar has some features that make it fit into so many uses. There are five major features which are explained below:

· Cut resistance: Kevlar has a high cut resistance traceable to the chain links in its structure. This is why it qualifies for protection gadgets used by military personnel and machinist.

· Tensile strength: This is the degree to which materials can still be whole under stress. For Kevlar, it has a very high tensile strength estimated to be 3,620 megapascals. This is the major feature on which other features depend.

· Flexibility: The structure of Kevlar allows for flexibility. So you can make flexible items that will still be strong from it. This makes it pass for optic fiber cables.

· Heat resistance: Kevlar can withstand high heat up to about 800 degrees Fahrenheit. This is while it is used as anti-flame material used in many factories for protection against fire outbreaks.

· Ballistic resistance: Kevlar has a very high resistance to being damaged when hit. It doesn't allow penetration even if it is hit by high-weight material. This is why it is used for making bulletproof vests and other security items.

Kevlar Felt Belt

What is the Use of Kevlar?

Kevlar is made into different things due to its features. As it is made into different things, it also means that it is used in different industries. Law enforcement, health, aerospace, etc. uses Kevlar in different materials that resonate with them. Even in our personal lives, we use materials made out of Kevlar. Kevlar is used more by security operatives at different levels. It is also used by factory workers and engineers.

Now, is Kevlar Durable?

Having read about Kevlar, its features, and its uses so far, I believe it won't be difficult to answer the question of whether or not Kevlar is durable. Of course, Kevlar is durable. How do I know? It is simple, check out the materials it is made into and consider their durability. Look at the optic fiber cable for instance, despite the exposure, it will still serve for years.

Also, it is said that the tensile strength of Kevlar is 3,620 megapascals. How else can durability be proven more than this? And for it to be destroyed by heat, the temperature must have gotten to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. It is not just durable, it is very durable. Every feature of Kevlar shows its durability.

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