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How to Make the Best Kevlar Glove Choice

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About five decades ago, Stephanie Kwolek, a chemist, discovered a lightweight material, featuring 5x more strength than steel. This material was called Kevlar. Kevlar has a terrific heat resistance and can shield you against thermal issues of up to 800°F. According to experts, kevlar has, over the years, established itself as a durable and dependable material that will still remain relevant for the next half of a century.

However, making the right choice of kevlar choice can be somewhat challenging as different jobs demand different protection requirements. To help you find the right choice without the hassle, this article covers 6 straightforward steps. So, with no further ado, let’s delve right into it.

Know your options

The first step is getting familiar with your options. Firstly, there are some kevlar gloves without any form of coating. They are knitted as well. These are perfect for metal stamping and processes related to the automotive industry. While they are great for repeated use and dealing with sizable metal parts, the dexterity is quite limited.

The second option is the palm-coated gloves which are great for almost everything from construction to electricity-related applications. The dexterity and gripping are great. It will not conduct electricity nor cut easily. However, it may wear out easily and when it does, you have to replace it.

Lastly, there are leather gloves, lined with Kevlar and palm coating. These feature extreme durability and abrasion, making them great for construction and oil & gas. The dexterity here is also limited.

Kevlar Glove

Know your preferred cut resistance

The cut level ratings go from A1 to A9 according to ANSI/ISEA 105 ratings. A9 has the greatest cut resistance and AI has the least. So, factoring this in your job and its relation to blade travel, you can make the best decision. If you still can't, contact Calm and we'll be happy to help.

Hazards related to your job

Getting the right Kevlar gloves to shield you from workplace hazards is not easy. However, there are some options that can protect you from multiple threats. However, you might ultimately sacrifice dexterity for this choice.

Composite kevlar or 100% kevlar

You can get superior cut protection if you use kevlar alongside composite yarns manufactured with steel, fiberglass, etc. This will increase the ounce per square yard weight of your glove. Opting in for composite yarns essentially mean you’ll be getting a superior cut resistance and abrasion resistance.

Kevlar Gloves

Factor the durability in

Durability is very essential when it comes to gloves. To help you optimize your budget it is advisable to always ask for glove samples. With this, you can conduct a trial to confirm its durability as well as your style preferences.

Your comfort comes first

Even with the greatest durability and cut resistance, the absence of comfort makes any glove quite difficult to work with. So, prioritize your comfort and be sure that you’re wearing the best available option for your intended application.

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