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How PBO Felt Rollers are Made

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Heat resistant felt has a great impact on the quality of the finished aluminum profile as well as the production process. To a large extent, felt products play an important role in the conveyor system. From the beginning to the end, all steps in the extrusion process are inseparable from the felt. As a result, the degree of wear and tidiness, the smoothness of conveying, the slippage or blockage of the product line, and other such problems are closely related to the quality of the felt products.


Calm heat resisant felt rollers

Calm heat resistant felt roller for aluminum extrusion


In the forming process of aluminum extrusion, the early wood strips and graphite have been replaced by heat resistant felt. It is soft and non-polluting, which is resistant to heat and abrasion. It solves the problem that traditional graphite cannot prevent the scratching of profiles and the black marks left by after-treatment. In recent years, many profile manufacturers tend to adopt industrial felt products.


PBO is a new-tech fiber that can withstand up to 600℃. This excellent heat resistance makes it an ideal option for an ultra-high temp zone in the extrusion line. Now, take PBO felt roller as an example. Let's get to know more about high-grade felt products from its production process.


Production process


The working principle of the carding machine is to open and comb the PBO fibers. Therefore, all the curly fiber lumps can become a straight single fiber. Meanwhile, it can remove the impurities and short lint in the fibers. In the final stage of carding, the needle machine will punch the pure PBO fibers to become the felt layer. You can click here to get some detailed information about carding.

The last step of the carding

Needle punch

You can clearly get across the needle-punched technique through this video. It shows how the needle machine works with PBO+Kevlar felt tube. PBO felt layer goes around the roller mold, and needles punch evenly on the felt. This step makes the felt roller more compact and stronger. As you can see, the felt roller's surface is smooth and clean without a woven pattern, which can provide great protection to the profile.


Needle punched technique


Here is a video that shows how to cut the PBO felt tube with an electric rotary fabric cutter. The skillful craft ensures a fast cutting with a burr-free edge. What's more, no matter in specification or quality, all Calm felt tubes are perfect satisfy with the requirement of our clients.


The cutting process of PBO felt tube


Even when production is over, it doesn't mean that our work is over. Our professional quality control staff will inspect all the finished products with various testing equipment. To ensure that no broken needles remain inside the felt and that all products are in spec. Calm always insists that only products that pass a series of rigorous tests are delivered to our customers.


Testing equipment


Other services

Resin treatment

On the one hand, full resin or semi-resin treatments are available to improve the wear resistance and durability. The service life of the hardened felt is nearly double that of the original. On the other hand, it prevents aluminum swarf or dirt from sticking to the felt, which can better protect the profile surface.



Calm offer OEM solution with abundant labors and a variety of advanced equipment. We supply both marking and non-marking industrial felt tube. This means you can customize with or without our logo, or even mark a specific logo as you want.



Calm is a top supplier of heat-resistant felt products in China with over 18 years of experience. We only use premium high-temp fiber to produce all our heat resistant felt products. And we offer various industrial felt products for aluminum extrusion, such as felt belts, felt pads, felt strips, and more. If you want to learn more information, please feel free to contact us at toby@gdcalm.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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