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How Much Do You Know About the Felt-covered Timing Belt?

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Felt covered timing belt is a high-performance conveyor part in aluminum extrusion. But what is the difference between it and the timing belt? Why is it able to withstand the high temperature after extrusion? The answers to these questions are in this article.


Felt covered timing belt is designed for the conveyor system of high duty aluminum extrusion (over 2500T). Simply put, It is a combination of needle punched felt belt and PVC/PE timing belt. So the timing belt with felt brings together their strengths. Not only does it have excellent heat resistance, but it also ensures that the conveyor runs smoothly under heavy loads.

  • Covering materials: Different heat resistant fibers can be selected for different temperature zones.

    PBO: 600℃ - for super high temp zone

    Kevlar : 480℃ - for high temp zone

    Nomex: 280℃ - for middle temp zone

    Polyester: 180℃ -for room temp zone/heat treatment 

  •  Solid bonding: With the advanced welding equipment and hot-melting technique, the timing belt with felt is firmly bonded with no glue. By and large, it is very durable and will not easy to separate.

  • Various types: Timing belts are available in a wide range of types, such as H12.7, T10, HTD14M, etc. (HTD 14M – Over 5000T / H – About 2500T / T10 –About 2500T). The accurate fitting allows the bottom to keep perfectly close to the bracket surface to ensure smooth running.

Calm-brand timing belt with Kevlar Felt

CALM felt covered timing belt with high tenacity


  1. To ensure the felt-covered timing belt work properly.

    Correct installation of the timing belt on the cooling table prevents relative sliding between the belt and the bracket. At the same time, it can keep off the trouble of idling, deviation, and other defects. This contributes to the steady and smooth running of the timing belt. 

  2. Heat resistant felt timing belt is very durable and easy to maintain.

    The felt-covered timing belt will not elongate after used over a long period of time. In other words, this means that the high-density felt layer will not come loose. As a result, the felt timing belt can last much longer. And it is very important to reduce wear and tear between the felt and the profile. In addition, the timing belt is free from frequent adjustment and lubrication, which is low maintenance costs.

  3. To bring greater cost-effectiveness for the extrusion line.

    In some cases, extruded profiles are large, heavy, and irregular. While common felt belts fail to move them to the next stage even with the help of powerful conveyors. Therefore, some plants may have to change the production structure for this sake. However, the felt-covered timing belt with a bigger carrying capacity can perfectly solve this difficulty. On the one hand, it has high conveying efficiency and great energy savings. On the other hand, the felt part is an excellent buffering to reduce vibration, noise, and pollution, improving the working environment.


After reading this article, you surely figure out why the felt-covered timing belt is so popular. There is no doubt that it is an ideal choice for handling tables in the extrusion process. If you still have some questions about the timing belt with felt, you can leave a message to Calm - a trusted timing belt supplier. We are always happy to help you!

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