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How to Choose the Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturer?

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Aluminum profiles can be used for a variety of purposes, such as door & window, vehicle structure, construction, etc. The greater the demand, the more competitive the industry becomes. For new buyers, it is difficult to tell how to select a good profile maker. And this article starts with five key factors to find the answer.

How does one find the maker of aluminum extrusions


In general, companies with a long history are more likely to earn the trust of consumers. It is more than just a number, which also stands for the company experience. Experience is an important measure in this field. It has a great impact on the reliability of the goods they supply and the way they deal with customers.


Experienced makers have spent a long time, maybe a decade, to master and constantly improve their production techniques. The longer they have been in the business, the much in-depth knowledge they have. Nice makers will pass on their expertise to those who know little about their products. What's more, they will use their know-how to design the most suitable solution for their clients.


Product range

Profiles can be classified into a variety of functions, such as machining, heatproof, corrosion resistance, and so on. In fact, a reliable maker can serve as your one-stop shop. For example, a complete building project requires more than one type of profile. It varies in different sizes, shapes, usages, and crafts, etc. An extrusion maker with a wide range of profiles can perfectly fit the various needs of your project. However, always looking for other suppliers is a hassle and only slows down the whole process.


Don't forget to ensure the maker know clearly about the end-use. It can avoid costly rework of using the wrong type of profile, and help to select the most fitting craft.


We know that using cheap, low-grade profile is dangerous. Poor quality materials bring more or less adverse effects on your project, resulting in high costs for repair or rebuild. On the contrary, the premium profile gives a longer service life and requires little maintenance.


There is one more thing you need to know. As mentioned above, the industry has a promising future. But the quality of makers varies greatly. Some will may cut corners and produce unqualified profiles to gain more profits. They are unreliable for the client, and there is no way to achieve long-term cooperation.




Choose a maker who offers high-quality profiles at affordable prices to maximize budget savings, especially if you buy in bulk. In general, good makers will provide a reasonable price or a discount on bulk orders. And they can achieve a balance between price and quality.



Make sure the maker can meet your specific demands before selecting them. For instance, if you need a quick turnaround, the maker should have high output and fast delivery. Only then will your project go smoothly without any delays.

In addition, a responsible supplier usually has a complete management system in place that helps to provide a range of attentive services. Logistics staff track the delivery of your orders, customer advisors resolve your problems promptly. Such a well-organized division of labor allows them to meet or even exceed your expectations. 

After reading the above, you must have a clear idea of the right extrusion manufacturer to choose from. However, what you need is more than just a maker. Protection during transport is as important as choosing a good one. Calm-brand felt spacer sleeve is an ideal choice to protect profiles from damages and dents. Click here for more information!

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