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Heat Resistant Nomex Felt for Aluminum Extrusion

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Have you ever wondered about what heat resistant Nomex is and how it can be used in aluminium extrusion? In many cases, there is a large number of choices when it comes to aluminium extrusion; in line with this thought, it’s well worth considering what makes heat resistant Nomex such a popular option. Fortunately, we’ve outlined some of the main things you should know about heat resistant Nomex felt as follows to help.

What is Heat Resistant Nomex Felt?

First, we should consider what heat-resistant Nomex felt actually is. As you might have gathered from the name, heat resistant Nomex is a unique material whose main benefit largely relates to its excellent capacity for heat resistance, making it ideal for various applications. For example, Nomex is often found in heavy industrial machinery, to line rollers, and even in firefighting clothing.

Nomex typically comes in a range of shapes and sizes, making it highly versatile for use in numerous applications. In addition, this handy material can lend itself well to aluminium extrusion processes; during extrusion, rollers help pass metal through various dies and casts, thus shaping and flattening the metal into the desired shape.

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What are the Benefits of Using Heat Resistant Nomex Felt for Aluminum Extrusion?

Heat-resistant Nomex felt is often a popular choice when it comes to aluminium extrusion due to its wide range of working temperatures and its abrasion-free, smooth texture, both of which can lend themselves readily to a range of uses. Indeed, Nomex felt tubes are abrasion free and do not feature prominent joins or seams, which helps ensure that the final extrusion is finished to a high standard.

In addition to this, Nomex felt is typically able to withstand working temperatures of up to 280 degrees Celsius, which can make it a great choice when dealing with some of the higher temperatures generated through the extruding process. Moreover, thanks to its generally neutral nature, Nomex is highly unreactive, which helps ensure that it will not contaminate your metalwork; meanwhile, its high tensile strength means it can withstand many of the forces and pressure exerted during the shaping and rolling of aluminium.

These benefits can lend themselves directly to aluminum extrusion. As such, Nomex felt is well worth considering for your extrusion needs.

Final Thoughts

Given all of the properties we have outlined today, it’s safe to say that heat resistant Nomex felt can clearly lend itself readily to the aluminium extrusion process. This helps ensure that you can get the most from your new material choice.

With that being said, not all Nomex felt is necessarily created equal - which is where premium solutions come in. Luckily, dedicated teams such as ours here at Calm are proud to help with all of your aluminium extrusion needs, and our focus on premium-quality Nomex sets us apart from the rest. So, why chance this? Contact us by email at toby@gdcalm.com, and our friendly customer service representative will be in touch to help you pick out the perfect solutions for your own Nomex felt needs.

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