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Heat Protection Gloves Heat Protection Gloves
Heat Protection Gloves Heat Protection Gloves
Heat Protection Gloves Heat Protection Gloves
Heat Protection Gloves Heat Protection Gloves


Heat Protection Gloves

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If your brand has been looking to invest in a new type of protective equipment, ensuring you’ve considered the different materials first is vital. Fortunately, Kevlar, as a synthetic fibre, is incredibly popular in safety garments, and it is known for numerous different properties that help make it an exceptional safety product.


Kevlar was first developed in the 1960s by DuPont, and since then, it has become one of the most popular types of safety material around. The product’s excellent properties undoubtedly help make it one of the best materials for use in safety applications.


How Can Kevlar Help In Gloves?

As a synthetic fibre, Kevlar is relatively easy to turn into safety gloves - and this can provide a huge range of benefits for your brand. Some of the key perks of Kevlar as a safety material include:

- Excellent temperature protection: One of the most notable benefits of Kevlar for safety gloves comes in its temperature protection. Indeed, Kevlar is capable of withstanding incredibly high temperatures, which in turn makes it an excellent material to use in situations where workers may be at risk of getting burned or scalded. It also provides flame resistance, making it valuable in situations where staff are directly exposed to fire.

- Strength: Compared to many other materials, Kevlar is very strong, and this helps provide additional protection to workers compared to other alternatives. Notably, Kevlar provides strong abrasion resistance, which helps keep your workers safe (while also extending the lifespan of the gloves).

- Comfort: When choosing a material for safety gloves, comfort and flexibility are naturally crucial. Fortunately, Kevlar gloves provide exceptional protection without compromising on flexibility, making them ideal in many different scenarios, even in more intricate situations. All the while, our own Kevlar gloves are designed with practicality in mind, meaning you know they’ll continue to offer great grip for your workers.

If these benefits sound like they might be valuable for your own brand, make sure to contact us today for further information or to order your own Kevlar gloves.





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