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Felt Pads - Why They Are a Must-have 

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The two magical words, felt pads, have been making the rounds these days, and deservedly so. They are available everywhere in different shapes and sizes, making them quite versatile. If you’re still skeptical about whether or not to opt-in for this product, here is an article to optimize your decision.

Felt Pad

Where can you use felt pads?

The most common application of these products is to prevent your furniture and floors from scratching. However, it is not limited to that. Its application also spans the less common ones such as noise insulation and shock absorption. Felt pads are great anti-slip materials, considering the thickness and composition of the product you buy. All these ultimately point to the fact that felt pads offer an affordable, flexible, and versatile approach to protecting your home surfaces and extending their life span accordingly.

Now, the question is how exactly do they do that?

Hardwood floors have a reputation for terrific durability and seamless maintenance. Even with these properties, if you slide or move furniture over them, you’ll notice scratches over time. Besides, even if you decide to leave that furniture stationed at a point, their legs will still leave some marks over the years. This is true for beds and chairs as well.

But one of the best ways to shield your floor from this is a felt pad. Essentially, this is a small felt piece that you can place below your furniture's leg. This helps you establish a form of barrier between the floor and the furniture. With this, you can now stop worrying about scuffs, scratches, and other damages that could occur from moving the furniture.

Besides their superior anti-slip and anti-scratch property, another compelling capability is the excellent noise reduction. If you move your table across a hard surface, you’ll definitely hear those annoying scraping sounds. But with a felt pad, the movement can be seamless and noiseless. All in all, this tiny material can keep your floor new and rid you of those annoying movement sounds.

The aluminum extrusion sector.

Another relatively less common application is the aluminum extrusion industry. Felt pads can offer excellent protection to reduce non-conformance and the tendency for wastes in aluminum extrusion. As extrusion profile designs become more complex, leading to a decrease in overall wall thickness, there is an even more pronounced need for aluminum protection, which is where felt pads become more relevant.

From every process, including the handling stage, to storage and transport, felt parts can offer reliable protection that the entire aluminum extrusion industry can bank on. It has evolved to become the standard for contemporary extrusion handling frameworks. In fact, it has positioned itself as a reliable, direct, and credible alternative to graphite in a number of applications, reducing concerns relating to dents, cracks, and dust.

On top of these, the installation procedure is relatively flexible, offering terrific performance whether for dry or wet applications.

Whether you’re getting the kevlar, Nomex, polyester, or PBO/Kevlar fibers, you can be sure of an exceptional maximum operating temperature and functionality.

Felt Pads

Getting the right felt pad.

But getting it right can sometimes be an uphill task, considering the range of forms, and sizes we have today. So, if you’re looking to explore the felt pad market or other felt materials, Calm is your best bet. Our felt pads feature superior resin treatment, giving them more abrasive resistance and a more prolonged life span. From basic everyday requirements to felt pads tailored to specific uses, we have everything to fit your bill. So, contact us now.

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