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Do You Really Know About Heat Resistant Gloves?

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With the rapid development of the manufacturing industry, Kevlar gloves have been widely used as a heat-resistant protective supply. As we all know, the use environment of Kevlar gloves is rather special and risky. So users need to understand the gloves fully. Now, take Kevlar gloves as an example. Let's go on to learn more about high-temp resistant gloves.

Calm-brand Kevlar Gloves

Structure & Protection principle

High-temp resistant layer 

It is the first defense against direct contact with hot objects. It will not undergo physical changes under high-temp conditions, such as burning, carbonization, etc. At the same time, flame retardance is also very important for it to prevent fire spread. Therefore, this layer is an indispensable part of the heat resistant gloves. And it determines the highest temperature resistance of the gloves. In other words, Kevlar gloves can withstand up to 500℃ thanks to the Kevlar high-temp resistant layer.

Heat Resistant Kevlar Gloves

Heat insulation layer 

The second defense of heat resistant gloves is the heat insulation layer. Heat is conducted from the surface of the first layer of Kevlar to the interior. Then the heat insulation layer effectively blocks the transfer of heat. This layer determines the single contact time between the gloves and hot objects, providing better protection to the users. This is why it is also known as the thermal protective layer.

Comfort layer

For most heat resistant gloves, the inner layer - anti flaming comfort layer is breathable that can absorb sweat. This layer makes the gloves much more comfortable and gives users ease to take on various tasks.

Things to remember when using heat resistant gloves

1. To confirm the working conditions and the glove specification before using. For example, Kevlar gloves to deal with heat and cut tasks, use dust-free heat resistant gloves in the cleanroom, aluminum foil heat resistant gloves to handle high-temp radiation. 

2. Carefully check that the surface layer of heat resistant gloves is intact and that the inner layer is misaligned or thinned. And test the heat insulation of the glove by quickly touching the objects then feeling with your hand. Don't forget to observe whether the surface layer is burning or broken after several tests. 

Kevlar gloves for metal industry

The maintenance of heat resistant gloves

Put the gloves in a clean, ventilated place after use to prevent moisture from reducing its lifespan. Kevlar gloves should avoid sunlight, or the color will change, and the fiber will become loose. And Kevlar gloves are easy to clean if they get dirty. For other heat-resistant gloves, you should first check the use instruction to figure out how to clean. Besides, Long-term use may reduce the thermal insulation of the inner layer after long-term use. Thus, it would be best if you replaced the broken gloves with new ones for safety reasons.

What mentioned above are all the details you should be aware of about the heat resistant gloves. Calm-brand Kevlar gloves are of high-quality and excellent performance, which are very popular with customers worldwide. If you would like to inquire about Kevlar gloves, please feel free to contact us at toby@gdcalm.com. We will reply to you as soon as possible!


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