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Best Kevlar Gloves Buying Tips

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Kevlar gloves are designed to protect the wearer from impact and heat. They are made primarily of aramid fiber, which can be woven or spun into a variety of different materials. Kevlar is resistant to fire, chemical exposure, and even sharp objects. Heat will not penetrate the gloves but it can cause discomfort through sweat or otherwise on the hands and fingers.

Tips to buy the best Kevlar gloves

1. Material

This is the most important factor in choosing the best Kevlar gloves . Buy Kevlar that contains at least 85% Kevlar fiber. Aramid is resistance to heat and flames. If you are looking for a better alternative, choose a glove that has Nomex fibers. The two materials give great comfort while protecting the hands from extreme heat.

2. Durability

Buy gloves made of strong material and with more prolonged use in mind. The life of a glove depends on how it is used, its size, and other factors such as washing and care. Durable gloves last longer than cheap ones which break down fast giving you poor value for your money.

3. Finger design

Consider the shape of the glove's fingers and thumb. The best Kevlar gloves have a short and square design, as opposed to a long, knuckle-free design. The square and short designs conform more easily to the hand while giving it more protection. Fit-tested gloves are especially better than loose ones that can be uncomfortable while folding the hands into the hand position when working in them. They are also less likely to come off than those that fit loosely.

4. Sizing

Consider sizing when buying Kevlar gloves . Gloves come in varying sizes which are determined by measurements around the palm of the hand, finger length, and wrist width. When buying Kevlar gloves , make sure that the sizing is generous enough to allow for working in them. They should be so loose-fitting that they do not move around while doing work and they should stay on during heavy use.

5. Glove liners

Kevlar gloves come with or without glove liners which provide extra protection from heat. Buy gloves with Kevlar liners which are breathable and washable giving you maximum comfort even under the worst working conditions. Do not choose a Kevlar glove without a liner especially if you will be using it for industrial work where heat is present in abundance. Buy Kevlar gloves with soft liners because harder ones cause discomfort on the hands.

6. Style

Choose a Kevlar glove that complements the work you will be doing in them. Kevlar gloves come with different styles that include full finger, half finger, and gripping styles. The most common are the full finger and half finger styles which can be worn in any type of work. Consider buying gloves with an extra tab for gripping for doing heavy work such as lifting and carrying. Buy Kevlar gloves with a D-ring or holder to keep them on your wrist.

7. Cost

Consider cost when buying Kevlar gloves. These cost more than other types of gloves but they give you better protection from heat, cuts and flames making them worth their price tag.

8. Warranty

Buy Kevlar gloves with a good warranty so that you have the assurance of protection while they are on your hands and if they break, you get replacement parts or the money back. If you do not buy a glove with a warranty, consider buying one that will allow you to return the broken ones but not the entire pair.

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