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Benefits of Kevlar Conveyor Belt

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Kevlar conveyor belt is a type of conveyor belt which has been reinforced with Kevlar. These belts are different from general-purpose reinforcement belts in that they can better resist impacts and punctures, and have a high tensile strength. The Kevlar belt's tensile strength is about 12 times higher than that of standard nylon conveyor belts, and is comparable to steel.

Benefits of Kevlar Conveyor Belt

1. Improved impact resistance

Kevlar conveyor belt is 5 to 8 times stronger than a general-purpose conveyor belt. When under impact, it can prevent the belt from shifting or breaking, greatly improving safety. It is also about 10% lighter than other belts, greatly reducing the energy needed to move the belt. When it does break, it breaks in a controlled manner and prevents sharp objects from penetrating the conveyor belt.

2. Improved puncture resistance

Kevlar belt has excellent puncture resistance. It can prevent sharp objects from penetrating the conveyor belt even if there is a hole in the belt before impact. If there is a hole after impact, Kevlar fibers can be inserted into that hole to fill it up, so that no damage will occur to other parts of the conveyor belt or machine.

3. High tensile strength

Kevlar belt has a high tensile strength of at least 10,000 pounds per square inch (PSI). In comparison, standard nylon conveyor belts have a maximum tensile strength of only 500 PSI. Kevlar belt also has good resistance to abrasion and chemicals. It can firmly resist the sharp edges of objects, so it is more difficult for them to puncture the belt, and also resists impact from particles between the belt and a moving object. This makes it possible to use smaller conveyor belts with less stress on parts around the belt that constantly come into contact with these objects.

4. Low temperature resistance

Kevlar belt's tensile strength does not decrease when it is cold. It is also resistant to freezing temperatures, low-temperature plasticity, cold cracking and other problems which occur with standard nylon belts. This makes it possible to use a smaller conveyor belt at lower temperatures and greatly reduces the energy used to run the machine.

5. High temperature resistance

Kevlar belt has good high-temperature properties and its tensile strength does not drop even at 300 degrees Fahrenheit (F). Like standard nylon belt, it also has good resistance to hot cracking and hydrogen embrittlement.

6. Small weight

Kevlar belt is a type of reinforced plastic belt, which makes up approximately 50% of the total weight in comparison to standard nylon conveyor belts. For this reason, a conveyor belt with Kevlar reinforcement can achieve high tensile strength while having lighter weight and lower energy consumption than conventional nylon belts. This also reduces operator fatigue caused by excessive vibration.

7. High length durability

By reinforcing the Kevlar fibers with a special method, it is possible to make the Kevlar fibers last for at least 10 times longer than other types of fibers that have been used in conveyor belts. Kevlar belt can also be made to carry more weight (about double) than conventional belts without causing a loss of elongation.

8. Good fire resistance

Kevlar belt is especially suitable for replacing belts in areas with a high fire hazard because it is difficult to ignite and has good flame-retardant properties. It can be used at temperatures as high as 800 degrees F, and does not lose tensile strength even when it reaches 650 degrees F. In addition, Kevlar belt does not emit toxic gases or fumes during combustion, and has the lowest flammability rating among all types of conveyor belts.

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