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Aluminum Profile Protection in Warehouse

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As we all know, aluminum is a kind of material that is easy to maintain for high corrosion resistance. In general, daily care is enough to keep its glossy look. However, it is hard to avoid surface wear and water stains during the handling process. Both of them will greatly affect the finished effect of the profile. So how to prevent it? Let's read on to figure it out.

1. Choose the right iron rack.

Before selecting the storage rack, you should pay attention to several aspects. Like the current market environment, product feature and application, the weight of the shelves themselves, etc. On the one hand, don't forget to take the basic info into account, such as load-bearing, lifespan, and safety. On the other hand, it needs to meet the requirements of use and save costs. And at the time of purchase, try to compare all the racks and choose the reliable and stable one. 

2. Design the layout reasonably. 

Proper storage layout is also has a lot to do with daily safety in the factory.

  • It is conducive to the safety and integrity of goods in the warehouse.

  • It can help to reduce the workload of the workers, reducing unnecessary duplication of effort.

  • It can ensure the smooth flow of production to protect the security of personnel and operation.

3. Replace obsolete shelves in time.

Storage shelves are generally made of metal with a specific load-bearing strength to withstand the pressure of the goods. In many cases, although storage shelves do not need to pay as much attention to the appearance as other products, the stability, process, service time gradually become the most concerning issues. We all know that any product has its use period. If it is still in use beyond this limit, it is easy to cause a variety of problems. Besides, there are many factors that affect the service life of storage shelves: temperature, humidity, light, ventilation and so on. For example, if the warehouse has high humidity, the iron rack will rust, reducing load-bearing capacity and service life. 


4. Take the necessary protection measures.

Storage: Before the shipment, workers will place the profiles in the packing iron rack. In this case, heat resistant felt spacer sleeve is excellent protection, which can cover the entire profile surface. The function is to separate each profile to avoid collision and friction during stacking and transportation. And as shown in the picture, it can form a gap for cooling and ventilation to prevent leaving water stains. In addition, the highest temp resistance of the Nomex felt spacer sleeve is about 280℃. That means you can use it in the aging oven. When the temperature rises, the fiber will shrink slightly and give a tight fit to protect profiles better. 

Felt Spacer Sleeve For Aluminum Extrusion


Package: Nomex felt strip is flexible with a soft touch, making it easy to install everywhere. It prevents damage caused by impact on the storage shelf during storage, aging, and packing. The most often used place is the joint of the rack that can direct contact with profiles. You can cut the shape to fit and glue them together with adhesive. For example, felt strips on forklift forks can prevent surface scratches or dents during loading. 

Nomex felt strip for aluminum extrusion

If you want to get more details about heat resistant felt products, please feel free to contact us directly at toby@gdcalm.com. Calm is one of the top industrial felt suppliers in China, offering high-quality products for aluminum extrusion. We look forward to hearing from you!

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