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Advantages of Kevlar Timing Belts

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Kevlar Fabric was developed in the 1960s and used throughout the 1970s as a replacement for steel in racing tyres. It has the double benefit of being strong and also lightweight, combining a soft texture and remarkable durability. It is woven with other fibres and used nowadays, in Industries, Aerospace engineering and most popularly, as Body Armor and Bulletproof vests.

There are many types of conveyor belts available on the open market. Even for a process as streamlined as Aluminum Extrusion, conveyor belts are available in PBO, Nomex, Polyester and Kevlar. The qualities most of us check-in suitable belts are usually their Tensile Strength, Impact resistance, Stretch/Modulus etc. These are generally the qualities that determine the durability and longevity of our belts.

Kevlar is one of the more popular choices by most Professionals on the market. Its main advantages are its low stretch, high load capabilities and heat/fire resistance. Kevlar has a Tensile strength of about 320,000 Ibs/sqIn, about twice as much as polyester. It's also pound for pound, about 5 times stronger than steel.

Although it is important to note, that the performance of Kevlar Timing belts is hampered when used in wet environments. However, as most Aluminum Extrusion industries are generally wet free zones, Kevlar Timing belts make ideal applications there.

CALM Industrial Felt also uses raisin Treatments to improve material durability and most of its deliveries are custom made to the customer's request.

Most belts have a life span of about 7-10 years on average and Kevlar roller belts are no exceptions, although Kevlar roller belts may tend to be pricier than most other materials, their low tendency to flex or bend under strain makes them a worthy investment, especially in businesses trying to capitalize on speed and efficiency without the need for constant maintenance on machines.

In most Kevlar conveyor belts, the usual polyester cords are replaced with the stronger Kevlar cords. Kevlar belting is also sometimes used with food-grade belt materials and is a popular alternative to steel.

Kevlar Timming Belt

Aluminum Timing Belts

There are some timing belts are also used in aluminum profile extruction industry, such as PBO timing belt and Nomex timing belt.

PBO Timing Belt

PBO is also another popular Timing belt material. Although Kevlar is pound for pound 5 times stronger than steel, PBO is about 10 times stronger.

PBO also has a stronger Thermal Endurance than Kevlar Roller belts, about 100°C above Kevlar Roller belts. However, PBO is also strongly affected by light, specifically, Ultraviolet light, which whittles down its durability on steady exposure. Kevlar roller belts have a thermal endurance of up to 480°C, making them quite suitable for the Thermal Extrusion process.

PBO Timming Belt

Nomex Timing Belt

A similar counterpart to Kevlar roller belts is Nomex, which is also an Aramid like Kevlar, but a meta-aramid instead of a para-aramid. Norex is practically flameproof/non-combustible and is used in firefighter suits. Its also Chemical resistant. However, Norex has poorer strength than Kevlar Roller belts and also less heat resistance.

Nomex Timming Belt

Kevlar Timing Belt Manufacturer

We use Kevlar as timing belts material, mainly used in aluminum extrusion factories. Welcome to contact us anytime if you need Kevlar timing belts.

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