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Top Aluminum Extrusion Companies In The US

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Extrusion is the process of compressing a metal to deform its cross-section and convert it into the desired shape. Extrusion is used in the production of tubes, hollow pipes, frames, doors, windows, and structure work.

Generally, at the core of the entire process is a plunger or piston. Essentially, we use this tool to exert a compressive force on the workpiece so we can create an extrusion.

Extrusion can be direct or indirect extrusion, cold or hydrostatic extrusion. These are some of the commonly used types of extrusion. Aluminum and plastic are the most common extruded materials.

Aluminum extrusion has seen a heightened demand because of its wide application in different sectors, such as architectural industries, telecommunications, transportation, energy, and many other industries. Extruded aluminum is fast replacing steel in most of these sectors. This material has shedloads of amazing properties such as durability, flexibility, strength, and recyclable tendency. This has caused an increase in demand for custom aluminum extrusion. In this article, we shall consider the top extrusion companies in the United States.

Aluminum Extrusion Market Size Report

Top 9 US Aluminum Extrusion Companies

1. Mid States Aluminum

Mid-States Aluminum Corporation is a custom aluminum extrusion company located in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin. The company can produce standard shapes in row, lineal and complex custom aluminum extrusion, fully fabricated and finished. The Mid-States Aluminum Corporation works with its customers to produce the customer’s design product. Mid States Aluminum focuses on automotive, furniture, marine, construction, electronics, sporting equipment, and utility industries.

2. Tower Extrusions

Tower extruders have one of the largest anodizing lines in the USA. They are located in Olney, Texas. The company specializes in custom aluminum extrusion, aluminum fabrication, anodizing, powder paint, design, building and construction, transportation, window & door, LED lighting, architectural, solar, and contract manufacturing.

Tower extrusions have a wide range of extrusion presses. They range from 6″-12″ diameter billet to 24′ wet and two 24’ powder coating lines. The 11 extrusion presses they have are categorized according to the shapes and diameters of the billets.

Tower extruders also have all levels of quality control which ensure the satisfaction of their customers.

3. Astro-Shapes

The Astro Shapes company is a professional custom aluminum extrusion manufacturer located in Struthers, Ohio. They specialize in building materials and custom aluminum extrusions, fabrication, and metallurgy. Their services span different industries including, building and construction, transportation, consumer durables, electrical, and distribution.

Astro Shapes has an excellent reputation, especially for its superior ability to combine leading aluminum extrusion manufacturing, finishing services, and value-added fabrication service.

4. Tri-City Extrusion

With an extensive customer base, the company functions as a custom aluminum extruder. They produce products that satisfy customers' needs for tight tolerance, critical finish, and difficult profile requirements. They also use some of the most advanced technologies to produce customized aluminum extrusion products to fit customer preferences.

Although custom aluminum extrusion is their primary capability, they also deliver standard aluminum extrusions. In addition, they provide a wide variety of shapes including bars, channels, tubes, rods, and angles under standard extrusion.

5. Bonnell Aluminum

Bonnell Aluminum has an established reputation as one of the best custom-fabricated and finished aluminum extrusion manufacturers. They offer a vast type of extruded aluminum products. These range from custom extruded aluminum products, architectural extruded products, standard extruded products, and T-slot, to Futura transition.

They have a vast specialization in large-diameter aluminum extrusions, painted aluminum extrusions, thermal barrier assemblies, and fabricated aluminum extrusions. Bonnell Aluminum’s production manufacturers are known for customer excellence. This makes them one of the few that serves many of America’s largest and most prestigious manufacturing companies.

6. Vitex Extrusion

Vitex aluminum extrusion is a company located in Franklin, New Hampshire. They serve the automotive, transportation, building and construction, electrical and machinery, and consumer goods markets.

Vitex Extrusion possesses full capabilities in extruding custom shapes and fabricating finished aluminum profile products. This they pride themselves in. They also provide their customers with high-quality custom aluminum extrusions with timely delivery.

7. TABER Aluminum Extrusion

Having been at the forefront of operations and manufacturing of custom aluminum extrusion for about four decades. It has become one of the largest aluminum extrusion companies and manufacturers in the USA. Following its value-addition philosophy and custom aluminum extrusion capabilities, it has become one of the leaders in the industry.

Taber extrusions manufacturing company is based in Gulfport, Mississippi. One of their biggest advantages is the capability to extrude large and intricate aluminum profiles and aluminum heatsinks. They specialize in manufacturing complex and intricate aluminum extrusion profiles. This makes the company an annual sales between 100-250 million.

Taber extrusions serve markets as wide as the transportation, automotive, architectural, sporting goods, aircraft & aerospace, and naval marine industries.

They partner with their customers to put together whole assemblies of small components into the one-piece extruded aluminum part.

8. Whitehall Aluminum Extrusion

Whitehall industries are manufacturers of precise extruded aluminum profiles. They focus mainly on the automotive industries. Whitehall aims to provide quality services in the automotive industry with 4 plants located in Michigan, Kentucky, and Mexico.

They have integrated aluminum extrusion to support their fabrication and assembly process. Their integration process provides a high level of quality control which leads to the production of stricter tolerance and high-quality standards.

9. Sierra Aluminum

Sierra Aluminum is a producer of both large and small extruded aluminum profiles. They are located in Riverside, California, and Fontana CA. They utilize quicker lead time for individualized customer services. This has made them a world-class aluminum extrusion company.

Sierra Aluminum deals in an array of aluminum extrusion manufacturing, such as surface treatment, fabrication, assembly, custom packaging, transportation coordination, quality assurance, and customer services. The company also has its services extended to different markets such as transportation, building and construction,  solar energy, and consumer goods.

The specialization of Sierra Aluminium covers standard and custom extrusions. Their standard extrusion covers several standard shapes of die banks from which the customers can call for utilization. Their custom aluminum extrusion gives the customers the option of submitting the concepts which they Intend to be produced for them.

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