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Spacer Sleeve

Spacer sleeve is made of felt of nomex fiber blended with special heat resistant material and sewed with nomex thread. The spacer sleeves are mainly used as covering for the spacing bar placed between two layers of profile in the aging oven so as to keep the profile from being scraped and also maintain good ventilation. As the highest temperature nomex felt can resist is 250°C, it is all right using in the environment of 200°C - 210°C in the aging oven.

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Spacer Sleeve

The thickness and density can be customized with specific requirement.

Aging furnace felt:280°C/180°C Thickness:1.6/2.0

Please Kindly provide us the aluminum spacer size:length”width”height: according to your requirement,we can produce viours specification spacing material,spacer sleeve for the aging furnace...

Nomex spacer sleeve fetl for aging furnace

Type :N-S

Color:Off white

Composition 100% nomex

Temp.up to 220-280°C

Thickness :1.6、 2.0( 230g/㎡-1000g/㎡)

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