Felt Belt: Importance And Application of Felt Belt

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The use of Felt belt cuts across different industries with limitless varieties. Besides, felt belt is produced using blending, pressing, and drying to manufacture a non-woven fiber that provides solutions to different challenging situations.  

Felt Belt

The properties of a felt belt depend on the thickness, final hardness, and the blend of wool used during production. 

The unique properties of the Felt belt make it the most flexible natural textiles currently in use in different industries.

A Felt belt that is manufactured for a stated purpose works perfectly. However, some felt belts do not give the expected result due to low product quality. 

For this reason, it’s very important to purchase your felt belt from a trusted and renowned manufacturer with keen attention to quality. 

Read on to know the important features of the Felt belt and its applications. 

Important features of Felt Belt

1. Fiber Structure

The structure of a felt belt is fibrous. This structure makes it easy to absorb and transmit fluids along the capillary pathways. Also, it easily filters out suspended liquids in gas or solids. 

2. Homogeneous Structure

Felt belt has a homogeneous structure that easily replaces any removed surface without wearing.

3. High Energy Absorption 

Another important feature of a felt belt is high energy absorption, which enables sound energy or a large amount of vibration to dissipate easily.  

4. Wide Temperature Operational Range 

The wide range of operational temperatures enables a felt belt to retain its property over a wide temperature change. The temperature ranges from -40 to +100 degrees Celsius.

5. Resilience 

Another important feature of a felt belt is high resilience. Felt belt easily returns to its original dimension after extension and compression.  Due to what is used for its manufacturing, felt belt does not shrink or swell easily.

Applications Of Felt Belt

1. Engineering Application 

Felt belt is very useful in mechanical and chemical engineering due to its unique properties. 

It is used as sound dampening, vibration material, and sealing out contamination from dust and dirt. It is very ideal for packing, insulating, and metering applications.

2. Aluminum Industry 

The high temperature felt is used in the production process of the aluminum industry as a transmission medium to move products from one phase to the other.

Felt belt is suitable for polishing surfaces of aluminum products and manufacturing of electrophoresis surface.

3. Automotive Components

Felt belt is used as transmission fluid filter, for vibration and noise absorption, and as drive mechanism grease retainers. 

This high-density material is used to lubricate the internal bearing for high efficiency. 

Wiping and Polishing of surfaces

Felt belt is used as floor polisher and scrubber, lenses, pottery, metal tubing, rolled sheet, and glasses. Felt belt is also suitable for liquid and semi-liquid coating applications. 


Felt belt is used across different industries as a result of its features that make it suitable for different challenging work.  

However, for the best value for money, it's very important to purchase a felt belt from a trusted and renowned manufacturer with a high reputation for quality products.