Calm - High Temp Industrial Felt Supplier for Aluminum Extrusion

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Felt is a common tool in the industry, which is made of wool and bonded with a processing agent. The main features of industrial felt are elastic, which can be used as a material for shockproof, sealed, cushioned and elastic wire felts. Used in a variety of industrial machinery - shockproof, oil-lubricated, wear-resistant and other industries.

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In the aluminum industry production process, high temperature felt has a great impact on the quality of the finished aluminum production and the production process. This requires the industrial felt manufacturer to provide qualified products. The high-temperature felt acts as a transmission medium in the production process of aluminum profiles and the process of multi-steps such as product transfer is carried out by high-temperature felt.


Different types of felts play different roles in various processes. The types of felts used in the aluminum industry are roughly: high temperature drums, seamless loop conveyor belts, felt strips, and double-sided protective felt strips, chain type (heavy conveyor belt), timing belt, felt sleeve, etc.


Established in 2002, Calm mainly engaged in the production of high-temperature felts for the aluminum industry, whose main products include needle punched high & low temperature rollers, seamless conveyor belts, flat-style felt strips and aging felt sleeves.

It resists to tearing, delamination, scaling, deviation, elongation, deformation, aluminum pollution and other defects. With smooth surface, the product adopts advanced new technology and is more durable and cost-effective. It is especially suitable to produce high-quality aluminum products with electrophoretic or polished surface


As an excellent industrial felt supplier, Calm never gets satisfied with the present status and tries our best to improve technology. With the accession to the WTO and the integration of the world economy, Calm has introduced the world's newer research technology and talents, focusing on innovation and research and development and has achieved fruitful results. The wide application of new materials makes Calm felts have extraordinary wear resistance and long service life. 

Strong production equipment and world-class precision manufacturing technology, nearly harsh enterprise production process standards and quality control system, the technical indicators of Calm products have always maintained the international advanced level, fully practice the company's "low carbon economy, energy saving and environmental protection" The concept of sustainable development embodies a modern corporate style with a sense of social responsibility.

Calm Company’s belief:

1. Calm commits to guarantee customers to achieves high satisfaction in our industrial felt.

2. Our company dares to seek new changes, constantly update the process and exceed customer expectations.

3. Calm pursues an important professional level and becomes the benchmark for the felt industry.